Pearls Books

I am often asked the best way to collect all of the Pearls Before Swine strips. The easiest way is to buy the treasury books. Each of them has 18 months’ worth of strips. And they include every Pearls strips ever published, from the first strip to now.

They are, in order of publication date:


sells out
blows up


Pearls Goes Hollywood (published 2020)

As an added bonus, each of these treasuries contains my commentary below many of the strips, which some people say is funnier than the strips. (A compliment?  Not a compliment?  I never know.)

As an added added bonus, here is a photo of me drunk at 1:00 am in a Waffle House in Georgia:

And although I’ve provided Amazon links to most of these books, I encourage you to buy through your local bookstore whenever possible (and if they don’t have it, they’ll often order it for you.)