Let’s Make This Kid’s Day

So a couple weeks ago, when I was at St. Jude Children’s Hospital, I met this very cool kid named Tyler who’s battling leukemia.  His mom happened to mention to me that he loves to see new “likes” on his Facebook page.  So how about we blow his mind and add a few more “likes” to the 2,400 he has now.

Just go HERE and click “like”.



Signed Books! Act Fast.

I just wandered over to my local bookstore, Copperfield’s Books, and signed a whole bunch of the newest Pearls book, King of the Comics, and drew a character in each (some of them drawn quite well, if I may say).

If you want one, just call 707-578-8938 and they’ll ship it to you.  But call soon, as they tend to sell out.





Last Batch of Books Before Christmas!

Okay, I just signed one final bunch of the latest Pearls book, “Breaking Stephan” (and drew a character in each); and signed a lot of all three Timmy Failure books (and drew both Rat AND a Timmy character in each).

To get one, just call 707-578-8938 and they’ll ship it to you.

P.S.  I also signed a random book called “Farm Anatomy.” I’m curious to see which one of you buys that.






Hey, Christmas is Only Three Months Away

I just signed a whole bunch of Pearls Before Swine and Timmy Failure books at my local bookstore and drew a character in each.  To get one, just call 707-762-0563 and they will ship it to you.

Oh, and two of the Timmy Failure books contain a drawing of ME.  Yes, me!  If you happen to get one of those two books, call the bookstore, and they will send you a big drawing of Rat and Pig (see photo below).

As always, these signed books tend to go quick, so call as soon as you can.