Interviews and Videos

Interview with the New York Daily News

Interview with Time Magazine for Kids

Interview with Forbes Magazine

Fun personality test with the Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Very in-depth interview about comedy in the Comedy Conglomerate’s blog

Interview with readers of the Arizona Daily Star

Radio Interview on NPR affiliate, KCUR, in Kansas City, Missouri

Interview with the Portland Oregonian

Interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune

Me in the New York Times article and interview, originally published May 4, 2006

My visit to Universal Press Syndicate, where things went awry

My follow up visit to Universal in August, 2010, where things went further awry

The outtakes from that film

A twenty-questions interview I gave to Scott Nickel, who works with Jim Davis (creator of ‘Garfield’) at Davis’ company, Paws, Inc.

Various recorded interviews done by the great podcaster Tom Racine.

A speech I gave in Walnut Creek, California in November, 2009