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195 thoughts on “Join the Fan Page

  1. No one makes me laugh more than you! I love your strip!!

    P.S. At the end of the day, can we, like, kill everyone who rambles on voicemail and then says their phone number really, really, really fast?

  2. If at Farce you don’t suck seed…Classic! You crack me up! My girlfriend loves your work and got me hooked. She teaches religious music to 500 K-8 children each week and I have no clue how she stays sane. Is there any way you could work in a theme about music teachers?

    Thanks for making me really laugh!

  3. Today was absolutely your best !!!! Don’t listen to Rat….you have plenty of pride….Love your strip.

    Charles from Charleston

  4. yr strip is just awesome! and your blog is the best pick me up..hey has rat ever tried teaching high school as an occupation? he should try it…he’d the get the opportunity to beat people with a cucumber…let him think about it

  5. i love your strip i just wish that i had some free time to attend your signings. Good luck and keep on writing its an amazing strip

  6. I am a miserable basement-dwelling neuroscientist. I am Pig. I am Rat. I read Pearls. I am less miserable. Thanks.

  7. My favorite PBS is when rat can’t stand the puns. I lothe this strip he tells Stephen. I love it! I have it taped in my kitchen and I laugh every time I read it. CLASSIC!

  8. I love just about every strip of Pearls! Though you friend almost everybody, I told everyone Stephan Pastis invited me on facebook. still sounds good.

  9. I wonder if it feels awkward that millions of people you don’t even have a clue exist are adding you simultaneously.

    But hey, its “The Pearls Guy”

  10. Hey Pastis, I’m sure you realize that Joey Logano (and not Tony Stewart) is the current driver of the Joe Gibbs Racing #20 Home Depot Toyota. Pity that Henry Hippo is too caught up being a materialistic nag to keep up to date with the sport and/or driver he allegedly supports.

  11. I am hoping that “The Fantastic Four” can ‘un-die’ sometime soon–that was hysterical! Love the crocs!

    I use the line “Math is not part of your fantasticalness” with my kids all the time now.

  12. Stephan, Col. Sanders today put me over the edge!!, my wife wanted to know what was wrong with me! One of you BEST!
    Dennis in NC

  13. Over the past few years, I have been hoping for killer whale to come.

    I believe the only way to achieve this now is through reincarnation. No one said murdorous predators couldn’t be Buddhist.

  14. The Col. Sanders comics this week have been fantastic! How do you come up with this stuff…

  15. My daughter got me hooked on PBS – Thank you, Thank you! I am a retired nurse/professor of nursing. I think it would be great if you could include something about the medical field in your strips. If TV can make a killing off of medical shows, you should be able use the idea. Give my love to Rat and Pig!

  16. I have been reading your comic strips for two years now and I absolutely love every single one of them! Even though it’s so sad, I always enjoy the way you twist the love lives of Pig and especially Rat. It’s hilarious! I feel sorry for Rat who couldn’t be with Pig’s germaphobic sister in the end. I seriously need one of your signed treasury books! I think it would be funny if you put all the characters into a karate dojo to learn karate and the irony would be that Rat totally sucks at karate and Pig rocks at it. :]

  17. I had given up on comics until I started reading yours. I work at a grocery store and see things like shoplifters running out the door. Then I come home and read your pearls. They are true pearls, I love every one. You make me laugh! HA

  18. I love all the chacters but the crocs are my favorite…I wish Biff would make a re-appearance. He was so funny! Thanks for all the humor!

    I write to my local newspaper regularly asking them to keep publishing this strip…we need to keep good work like this published!

  19. Your Sunday strip with Elly Elephant and Henry Hippo was a classic. From every wife (past the two-year oogly googly, roses-for-our anniversary marriage)a great big ATTABOY!!

  20. besides Get Fuzzy, you are my favorite comic strip ever! you are basically the reason i read the paper. by the way, i have the crass menagerei (spelling doesnt count, i dont have it beside me) and the comments truly do make it worth the value

  21. I just tried sending you a FB friend request, but I got an error message saying, “Sorry, this user already has too many friends.” I guess it looks like your lawyer days are definitely over.

  22. I am addicted to your strip….can’t start my day without it. And I share your strips with all my friends whenever I can (paste them to the top of important memos. I just requested you as a friend on FB. Someone must have died because you only have 4999 friends now. If you’re quick, maybe I can be #5000?

  23. I’m very upset that I can’t be your FB friend. Now *I* feel unloved. I will have to go sit in my own Internet Happy Box and wait for one of your fans to die.

  24. I’m almost through ‘Pearls Sell Out’ – it’s been a great Father’s Day gift (oh the anticipation of waiting for it to be delivered) and it’s been a fun read. Thanks. In re: your comment after the ‘Casual ties’ piece which related that you almost never use people’s input. I have often thought of submitting the idea of Pig and Rat standing in front of a yellow sign on a street (one such sign is just outside our home)that reads “No Outlet”. I can just see Pig standing in front of it with Rat and Pig telling him how sad he is that the poor people who live on this road don’t have electricity. (There would be no royalty fee if you incorporate it into a strip someday).

  25. Love the parodies of Family Circus, Mary Worth etc and was glad to see you hacked off Jeff Keane at a convention. Is there anyone out there that you’d want to ever break bread with that actually likes Family Circus?!? Keep up the good work.

  26. Reading Pearls is the highlight of daily commute. Which, believe me, is hard to do, being that I rely on the DC metro to get to work and…ugh. I’m usually frowning until I gaze upon Pig. Thank you for Pig. I didn’t think it was possible to fall in love with a cartoon character (Superman aside), but I have. I love that little, innocent Pig.

    Thank you!

  27. Well, missed out on a chance to be a FB Friend, but I’m still a fan. BTW, the crocs are some of your best featured characters, although their intelligence level (or lack thereof) reminds me of too many of my co-workers who, thankfully, are also no threat to zeebas.

  28. i luv the crocs!!!! they are so, well, dumb. their inability to catch zeeba neighbas makes them SO FUNNY!

  29. I love your comic so much! I’m 13 and I want to be a syndicate myself. You know I think you sell yourself short. Your artwork is actually good!

  30. Sorry. I meant to say “I really like him.” Snuffles, that is. Bring him back. Please.

  31. My guess about feral ballerina is that it is a play on words of the famous ballerina Suzanne Farrell — after all this being Pastis and he has no shame.

  32. Ok Stephan, the Facebook page says you have 4,678 fans. I didn’t know you had so many cousins! Anyhoo, add another fan here. BTW, you bare (bear?) an uncanny resemblance to Saddam. Did that help or hurt you when you were there?
    What are you going to be for Halloween?

  33. What happened to your reporting on your trip? Maybe you’re making us wait to convey the feeling that time seemed to drag on in such a repressive society? We’re anxiously awaiting Joe Six-pack’s impressions of a place where escapism via mind-altering substances and pornography is crushed with an iron fist. Love the strip, too.

  34. Hey, loved the comic strip today!!! We live in Arcadia and your reference to us was super!!!

  35. ok i’m new here and i cant figure out why you are in the middle east… someone fill me in?

  36. If I wasn’t a fantasy author and poet, I know what I’d like to be: a comic strip writer. Unfortunately, you’ve become the comic strip divine for me, and I could never follow in your footsteps. “Pearls” has passed my previous all-time favorites, Calvin and Hobbes and Foxtrot, to take over the #1 spot. We have a daily Pearls calendar in our bathroom, and it’s the highlight of my morning to see what Rat, Pig, Goat and company are up to next.

    My signiture on my yahoo profile says, “Stephan Pastis is my hero; Rat is my alter-ego.” So true. You make my laugh harder than anything in the world. Being a published poet, I even quote Rat’s take on poetry for my online forum signiture. You gotta love his take on life. 😉

    Well done, and keep the laughs coming.

  37. My five year old son just loves your strip. He’s been singing “Kumbaya My Lord” since this summer’s strip dedicated to saving papers and keeping you from going back into Law. The rat is his favorite character. He knows he’s evil but finds him so funny – followed closely by Larry the beer drinking Croc. I may be contributing to the deliquency of a minor, but we can’t leave the house in the morning before reading the comics and your strip he always saves for last. Thanks for the giggles!


  39. your my favorite cartoonist i got 2 of your treasuries for christmas and theyre sooo good

    and also i really love pig.

  40. i love this strip. i dont understand how people get pissed at u for making fun of stuff. thts has only happen to me like 6 times.

    ps am i the only kid on this site? it seems like everyone has jobs and other crap.

    10. DICK TRACY ( yeah IM gonna be 61 soon ) ALL NUMBERS
    SUBJECT TO CHANGE do i know you NEIL ANDERSON???? are
    u a policeman???? love to all ZEEBAS Paul

  42. Dear Mr. Pastis,
    The NFL playoffs are underway. You may not remember this, but in your 2nd Pearls Treasury, Lions and Tigers and Crocs, Oh My! you predicted the winner of the 2010 Super Bowl. In September 2006, you chose the Indianapolis Colts to win it all this year. You are a really good predictor. GO COLTS!!!!

  43. I only buy the paper sporadically now that I’m deep into middle age and even then its for the coupons.
    But I do glance through the comics (though they’re nowhere near as funny as when I was younger) and a few months ago, your Elly cartoon had me laughing until I cried…I had to buy another paper to send a copy to my mom. I was lucky to get todays with Danny in it and am now on the hunt for one of your books. Thanks, man, you have given me hope that cartooning will rise again…so, THANKS 🙂

  44. Dear Stephen Pastis,

    I LOVE your work and this strip. You are so clever and witty, I have clippings all over my walls!

  45. Nary a giggle in today’s funnies for me, ‘ceptin Pearls. Such a dear, deranged strip. Thanks for the kooky funsters, SP.

  46. You had me at “Ohhkay, zeeba neighba.” I’ve become addicted to the strip, and I bring one to work on Fridays to share my addiction with others. Although I have no idea why, I even bought Pig and Rat plush toys. Given that I am working on my PhD in psychology, the psych jokes are my favorite, although any conversation between Pig and Rat makes me laugh…that, and any strip that involves men and beer.

  47. This is the most hilarious comic strip ever. I really look forward to a read because it lifts my mood and makes me laugh. I especially admire the never ending quest of the gators (or crocs?) to bag the zebra. I root for the Z – who apparently has a tendency toward caustic commentary. Thanks for the lift.

  48. Nice tribute to your Father In Law in the 2/7/10 edition. Upbeat and positive people like that are hard to come by and impossible to replace.

  49. Heya Stephen, first off, huge fan, love your work. BUT I have a teesy little beef. As I was rereading (for the umpteenth time) your Treasury, “Lions and Tigers and Crocs, Oh My!”, I happened to read your prediction of the 2010 Superbowl champs. So I think to myself, “That’s hilarious! He was almost right!” , because in your book, you wrote the Indianalopis Colts. So I decide to hop on your website and write you a note…BUT to my dismay!!! You have FRONT page said prediction, but you changed it! I have to say, my wife and I got a good chuckle out of it, and I have to call you out!
    Sounds like something Rat would do…Make a toon with my name in it have a cameo and we’ll call it even…:)

  50. Just wanted to say, I’m an avid reader of your comic and could easily call it the Bloom County of today, but that wouldn’t sum up everything that “Pearls” is. I love the hypocrisy that it discusses and I even get a good laugh from the stupid word plays, (like watching the 3 stooges “accidentally” smack the crap out of each other”). Your Sunday special on Feb. 7th 2010, however, was in a word… beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a poignant and heartfelt commentary be delivered so simply in a comic strip and also for the fact that the dramatic difference in tone seemed completely natural. I was deeply impressed.

    By the way… quit smoking, so we can enjoy your comics for years to come. The father of a close friend of mine here in Tokyo, was a famous cartoonist (Tanioka). 2 packs a day, if he was writing. He was gone way before his time… Just a thought.

    Finally, thank you for helping me maintain my sanity in this foreign land. Any chance that your characters would consider taking a vacation here?
    I’d love to provide localization support.

  51. I love your comic. Every Sunday I look at the comics in color and the only one I truly look forward to is Pearls. Thanks for truly making my day and cheering me up when I’m down. Also thanks for the dating advice. XD

  52. your comic strip ? about pbs was in very poor taste & will most likly cost us some much needed pledge income you may not need a job but we sure do! stick with the jokes & leave us alone asshole

  53. your comic strip ? about pbs was in very poor taste & will most likly cost us some much needed pledge income you may not need a job but we sure do! stick with the jokes & leave us alone !@#$%^&*

  54. PBS in poor taste? Whoa,lighten up! The rats of the world are NOT going to deter people from giving to PBS. He’s a freakin’ Rat! RATS do sneaky things… Not PBS… you miss the point, entirely…

  55. Just got back from overseas and started picking up treasuries. Love the comments about the strips-surprised more don’t. Here’s a punchline – Precious and few are the moments we toucans share (Froot Loops or a Halloween strip). The reference to the Climax song of 1970 might be too obscure but I don’t think that’s ever stopped you before.

  56. in my lifetime i have know every charactor in “pearls before swine.” some have even been u.s presidents

  57. You are familiar with the Chunnel, right? The tunnel under the English channel which is only for trains, but carries lots of automobiles on the train cars.

    Well, it seems that there is a problem: People are covering their cars with tarps to protect them from dust and gravel, but some people are not tying the tarps to the cars securely. As the train goes pretty fast, sometimes, the tarps come off. If this happens inside the Chunnel, sometimes the tarps get sucked into the ventilation fans, blocking them, and it this happens they have to shut down the Chunnel.

    It’s called

    Tarpel Chunnel syndrome

    (original… I’m embarrassed).

  58. Dear Mr. Pastis – hey – resding these comments I realize these people are all suck ups. But seriously, I don’t know how to reach you so I hope this does. My soon-to-be 16 year old is a ginormous PBS addict. Unfortunately, he’s got me hooked, too. haha. He spends all his money on stupid PBS comic books. No offense, but the kid needs to go to college and needs to pay for college, not comic books. Anyway, now that I’ve buttered you up, he made a bucket list. Number 9 on the BL is to meet Stephan Pastis – that’s you. Did he put anything on the bucket list about his sweet, caring, devoted mom? No. But you made the list. Great. So here’s the question…his 16th birthday is next week. A very big deal in our house – no limit on the party factor. If I were balsy enough I’d ask you to fly to Minneapolis, MN next week and let my kid meet you…killing, of course, 2 birds with one stone…knocking an item off his bucket list and more importantly, sealing my fate as the world’s greatest mom ever! However, since I highly doubt you’d be able to pull yourself away from making fun of people (which is my most favorite habit and something I worship your strip over) I am wondering if you’re ever in MN – near Minneapolis – if he could meet you. If it helps, we’re Greek (100%). If that isn’t inspiration enough, you’re very brilliant and talented. And if you don’t succumb to the Greek factor or flat out flattery, then I can always resort to bribery. By the way, Greeks do smell and own a lot of restaurants and the reason you get letters telling you not to say those things is because we also love denial. Although without us, the world wouldn’t have baklava and that would just be a flat out travesty. Thanks either way and keep up the good work because someone needs to make fun of morons.

  59. hey stephan!
    why does larry eat only KFC all the time?…shouldn’t he be having KFZ instead!!

  60. Stephan, I am a huge fan – own all your books but have to unsubscribe from this site due to the idiot people who leave comments, thinking they are funny but instead are just plain stupid – good luck with the strip – I’ll be a fan for life!

  61. Stephan Pastis, you are a very talented man (undoubtedly). Your strips always make me laugh. Don’t worry about the idiots who say they suck. They’re idiots, as mentioned. Keep up the good work!!! And I think the crocs are the funniest. He and the moron pig. (whoops, I guess I’m insulting myself… as you can see, I’m a she-pig… well, yeah, as you can see, I could jabber on endlessly for hours, but I’ll take the chance and end this comment now… …. …. … … THE END

  62. Love the strip. Something may have been done with this before, but here’s my idea:

    Rat: That’s an unusual looking tree. What is it?

    Pig: It’s called a Kahn. It is grown in a sub-African region called Ukandu, and is highly valued by high-end consumers in America.

    Rat: Oh, really? What is it used for?

    Pig: Its uses are ornamental, decorative, functional, and even nutritional. Every knot, root, branch, and leaf tells its own story. You really need to talk to them to find out how to maximize the tree’s use.

    Rat: How do you get one of these trees?

    Pig: There’s an organization solely established to watch that region of the world, track the weather and growth patterns, and note the best time to harvest and purchase your tree.

    Rat: Sounds awfully confusing.

    Pig: Not really. “Ask Knot what your Kahn tree can do for you. Ask Watch Ukandu for your Kahn tree.”

  63. Having a bad day? Read Pearls, or read the web-site. Lots of people with good memories will take you on a trip down memory lane with their favorite strips. I would be bereft without my daily fix of Pearls, which I share with anyone in my office who makes eye contact! Keep up the truly wonderful job. I hope you live to a ripe old age and never decide to stop working so hard. It’s rare to find a man with such a vicious, sarcastic, and just plain brilliance of bad puns.

  64. Hey Stephan,
    Thanks for the Sunday Strip (July 25, 2010)
    and your support of us here along the Gulf Coast.
    . . . . Barry

  65. Yes! We are all Gulf Residents! Thank you! I live in Denver Co.,land lock, but my heart is still broken. You were simple, but straight to the point. Good job!

  66. hi mr.pastis,srry for my grammar but ia am wearing fake nailss i ove pig and ur work continue it as long s possible thnx

  67. Um, mebbe I’m missing it, but I’d enjoy a link to a list of cameo’s of other comics in your strip, and of your strip in other strips, for quick access. Mebbe it’s there and I missed it – but if not, mebbe you could nudge yer website staff in that direction? Other fans keep mentioning such appearances and I generally have missed them. Hey, I work fer a livin’ and I only git about two hours a night to indulge my online sufin’. I think it’d be a great feature, but mebbe too muchuva challenge fer the techies…..?

  68. Re: Danny the Donkey.
    Sunday’s comic really spoke to me. I am Danny the Donkey, cept I drink Beer all day on the Beaches in San Diego. My Mom also calls with Advice, unsolicited of course. I would toss my phone like Danny did, but then I couldn’t order pizza. With Sunday Comics like this, I never have to go to Church again. Danny will be my Spiritual Advisor. Keep up the Amazing Work Mr Pastis !

  69. You always start my day with a laugh. The first thing I read in the paper is “Pearls” I got my whole office hooked! You have a wicked sense of humor

  70. PLEASE DON’T STOP! Pearls is sooo funny and like so many other fans it makes my day. Keep up the great work and I hope you stick around for a very long time!

  71. one of my many favorite moments from PBS is when Pig swore for the first time….he let British Petroleum know what he thinks of them and the infamous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico…..thank you Mr.Pastis…thank you Pig for telling BP what the rest of us were thinking.

  72. I look forward to your strip on a daily basis. In particular the cynicism of Rat is perfectly stated. Larry the Croc, Pig, Goat, Guard Duck, and ‘Zeeba’ all bring me a smile. Thanks for the great work.

  73. So was there an aborted pun in Sunday, Nov. 21st papder or was it a red herring.
    Have friends as well as myself trying to figure out where choo, whyte, and house of parliament were going to lead to.

  74. I dunno, it kind of has a reference to “Don’t shoot until you can see the whites of their eyes”… choo – shoot, whyte – whites – eyes – ayes (as in a parliamentary vote)

    Or, white shoes after labor day, Labor being a reference to the Labor party…

    But killing a pun with a cliche was the best part!

  75. After Rat puts down the “search for good service” lantern, have you thought about introducing him to the world of “carbon credit” brokerage? It would be the perfect niche for him to use his sales abilities.

  76. Dear Stephan,
    Your commentary about corporations and their service issues using the Diogenes metaphor are right on the mark. Yay Rat! As Goethe once said,”People should talk less and draw more…” I believe that you have gotten the balance just right! Larry and Judy Soper

  77. Yesterdays strip was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. Or maybe I just have a worpped sense of humor, but Pig getting kicked by the Pillsbury Dough Boy brought tears to my eyes from laughing.
    Well done.

  78. Welcome to ‘Pearls before Swine’. Pig & Rat are hilarious, they make my day. Can’t wait to meet the rest of the gang. Hope you enjoy a long stay with us.

  79. When i get home from work i go right to the comics. pearls is my kind of comic strip. Your church sermon strip was right on the money. Funny as HELL. Thanks for making my day.

  80. Hi Mr. Pastis I live in Texas but could come and see you in Fairview. My Fiend Austin and i lobe Pearls and alway discuss it and get weird looks from people at our school. Keep at it making comic. I really like Snuffles because he is just so cute and fluffy.

  81. The strip today mentioned the Serengeti. Of course the crocs and zebras, inhabitants of the Serengeti, make frequent and hilarious appearances.

    I’d like to make you aware of the Tanzanian government’s plans to build a road through this pristine habitat, disrupting the annual wildebeest migration in the Serengeti.

    March 19 happens to be World Serengeti Day to raise awareness about this looming disaster.

    Is not March 19 also the kickoff of the Pearls Blows Up Tour? Certainly a monumental date for the good people of Planet Earth.
    Thanks you!

  82. Questions: How did you get started with “Pearls”? (the question mark after the quotation mark may be grammatically off, but to err is human. Unfortunately, that means I’m probably superhuman) How did “Pearls” first get launched? I have my own experimental strip, but I don’t know how to get around getting it up.

  83. I’ve been reading cartoons for decades, cut my teeth on Doonesbury, got hooked with Bloom County, rode the wave with Calvin & Hobbes and joined the Far Side. Canada’s Globe and Mail carries you so I read you every day, but just this weekend I decided I needed to do a deep dive into the World O’ Pearl and bought 3 of your collections. I will of course be purchasing everything because you my friend are at the top of the cartooning world!

  84. Cha arm…….Brilliant!

    ….well, okay maybe not so brilliant, but hella funny!

  85. Dear Stephen,
    This is to let you know that I absolutely love Pearls Before Swine.
    It is the first thing I read when I pick up the newspaper at 7-00 am:)

    Sarita from Mumbai, India

  86. This is slightly off topic, but could you persuade GoComics to restore the zoom/magnify feature we had before for the Sunday strip? With the wonderful detail you put into your strips, the magnification feature is a must, and I really miss it on the Sunday strips. Thanks.

  87. Heeey Stephan,its me,Whitney,again and i was just wondering if you could send me an e-mail?I know,you’re probably thinking no way,dude,I don’t even know you.Well you’re right because I am a stranger and you might think that I just want something(which is correct)but something like sending you a comic book that I made but if you still think I’m a internet idiot,then I guess I’m outta luck.Anyway,nice talking to you!
    …a eleven year old

  88. Love your humor. It’s like you know my husband and myself. We have laminated your comic about the rat acting like a brewista. Anyway, my husband drives me crazy about flavored coffee – always has to have it, while I can’t stand anything but black. The drawing of the fellow ordering coffee looks exactly like Jim – beard and all. Rat states my exact feelings. We loved it. I’m always the cynic like rat, and Jim is more like the pig. We also love Piggita.
    Keep it coming!!!

  89. Dear Mr. Pastis,
    My name is Kelli and I am 12. I love your comic strips. I voted them over Get Fuzzy (it used to be my favorite comic strip) as the best. My favorite character is Larry, the Crocodile. He keeps on trying and failing with catching zebras. Are you ever going to let him catch A zebra. Not the Zebra Rat and Pig are always talking to. But maybe his cousin. Or Aunt. My little 9 year old sister has just had her birthday. Can you introduce a new character, or even one of Woomun’s friends, to be named Abby? It sounds like A good Girl Crocodile name. I was just wandering because it would surprise for her. (I still haven’t giving her a birthday present) I really love your comic strip!
    Anchorage, AK

  90. Dear Mr. Pastis,
    Can you please send me an e-mail? You probably have no time but I never recieved an e-mail from a famous person before. I would really love to see your e-mail saying hi to me!
    Anchorage, AK

    (P.S. Here is proof that Alaskans read your comics. We have them in Bookstores, Newspapers, and many other places. And no, we do not live in igloos and have pet polar bears. Maybe you can include something about Alaska in your strip some time. Like we do not live igloos and have pet polar bears…. And you can visit Alaska sometime ((preferably Anchorage, Because I live there)) and have some Comic book signing convention. That would be lovely. Please reply)

  91. Stephan,

    What a pleasure it was to meet you today. Extra cool that I didn’t even know about your comic strip (I don’t read any comic strips, but I have a wicked sense of humor, I’m told). Will start reading your strip tomorrow. I have a feeling I will really like it :]

    Janene from Glastonbury, CT (visiting family in SR)

  92. I loved your recent “I’m dyeing,” “I spent two hours picking my nose,” and “I’m about to sew my ‘why old oats.'” You are truly sick and ain’t it great! Back in January I had a heart attack and was lying in the hospital with nothing to do but think up puns. Here’s my thank-you for “Pearls.” I told it to every doctor who walked in the room.

    A yak and an emu were fanatics about playing cards. They’d go every night to gambling joints for poker, blackjack, you name it. One night they were in a dingy dive, when the police raided. The emu escaped out the back door, but they got the yak. What would you call such a situation? ……… A cardy yak arrest.

    E. T. Malone, Jr.
    Warrenton, NC

  93. where do we vote on exploding melvin?
    I know the croc’s fraternity house is most likely spot.
    But I say lion’s house may be they can stir up some sh..stuff.

  94. Pearls is taking Belgium by storm!!! … euhm well maybe you’re not quite there yet, but I actually have friends coming over with lame excuses just so they can read in the PBS treasuries. 7 Belgian Pearls fans can’t be wrong.

    In Belgium (and Europe) there is a different comic/strip culture then in the US. Comic strips here are usually 30odd pages long (although that is changing now). But what astonishes me the most – based on your commentary under your comics – is the measures you need to take so people won’t get offended too much with your comics. People offended by the use of “@$$” and stuff like that. It just seems so silly and pointless. Land of the free and all that but so touchy feely about certain things. ah well the time nor place to get philosophical.

    Anyhoo I’m glad I got to know PBS and looking forward to new books. Love the puns and the dark humour. You truly deserve your place on my bookshelf next to The Far Side and Calvin&Hobbes. That’s enough sucking up. Pastis, back to work, I want a new treasury!


  95. I am currently serving in the US Navy as a Marine Corps Medic in Afghanistan and i had to let you know that i love your comic strip. I snag the funnies whenever i can find them in care packages or from friends whose family members send them newpapers. Your strip is my favorite and deffinately a great distractor from this depressing place. Thanks for keeping us laughing, LONG LIVE PEARLS BEFORE SWINE!

  96. I love your comic strip and my dad reads it to me every morning. We both really miss the crocs. Can you do more comic strips with them???? They’re by far our favorites!!!!

    Thank you,

    Age 11

  97. Hey,Pastis:

    What about Croc and Zeeba?? Its time to give rat a rest. He’s so mean!
    L&K BZ

  98. Thank you Stephen for putting a smile on my face and a tear in my eye with your Sunday tribute to Bill Keane. True class!!

  99. Mr Pastis Rat said you only have 20 good years left. I saw where a couple of charlie brown cartoon drawings were estimated to be worth 400,000 dollars on antique road show. Do you think you could send me some of your drawings for safe keeping. I will buy you a beer. PS Love your strip

  100. As a former English teacher…I used puns and word play for years.You do a superb job with the word play…but you have not done several that I could suggest. Funky creative usages which would make a high school kid smile and whimsical adults laugh aloud.

  101. I’m still cracking up over the “Hoffa they can’t refuse” strip. Thanks for the snort-coffee-out-of-my-nose laugh.

  102. Stehan,
    I LOVE Pearls. You are a remarkable cartoonist. Today’s strip, with Jihad Jerry and the burka, was a total hoot!

  103. More of Lil Guard Duck and Mr. Snuffles please! They really quack me up. (Sorry).

  104. I look forward to your strip everyday! Excellent work. Do you ever get to Hampton Rhoads, Va.? I live in Chesapeake and would be honored to meet you over some beers!!!

  105. Stephen, Here in Alexandria, VA we are fortunate to receive our Washington Post comics the night before and your Pearls before
    Swine is always the first read just like Calvin & Hobbes was before Watterson refused to compress his comics to fit. I am grateful that here the comics are full sized.
    There’s nooo business like Cho business,,,,brings back my fond memory of ‘free atlas, free atlas, thank cod allnity, my free atlas’
    I am 73 and other then my grandsons and your work, there is not very much to laugh at these days. Many thanks.

  106. Yours is the ONLY strip that makes me laugh out loud consistently! I love zeebas n crocs! I catch you in the Sunday Orlando Sentinel where you first appeared 10 years ago. Awesome, dude.

  107. I was never a big comics fan but you turned me into a MEGAFAN!! I go straight to Pearls Before Swine to get my happy going. I love all the characters, but love how fluffy Snuffles is drawn and his dirty deeds!

  108. I read your Pearls Before Swine comic strip every morning. Every morning you make me smile, or as the case of “beware of Geeks bearings GIFs”, snort coffee out my nose!! Keep the puns coming!

  109. Dear Stephen pastes I’m a 13yr old kid who loves yo comic strip and if your reading this I’m so freaking siked. Uve inspired me to focuse on my drawings cause I’ve always been able to draw but now I draw a lot more now soooo much better. I like your humor and your style. Even though you draw good I think I might be better.(lol)

  110. My dad is a judge and my brother is in law school, and hardly a day goes by in our house that your “and then he threw his lawyer off a cliff” line goes unsaid. You are the craziest and funniest person on the planet. Please Bring back Elly the Elephant…

  111. I’m an English major, and this is my final semester. Life is crazy when you’re taking 18 credits and working two jobs. Pearls Before Swine is always up on my computer. I think I’m addicted…

  112. I just discovered your strip about 6 months ago. Why it took me so long, I’ll never know. It’s really great…sometimes it reminds me of Pogo, my very favorite. I have one suggestion…do not curtail the use of puns. Your tales are told with talent so if they are curtailed they would be incomplete tales. In other words, I love puns, don’t apologize for them. Are you ever coming to Grand Rapids, MI? Home of AMWAY and Gerald Ford (well actually he was born elsewhere but grew up here. There’s even a Gerald Ford Musuem which I went to once (best nap ever).

  113. I like the cartoon strip, but I just noticed that Pig and the goat are basically the same character. The only difference is that goat’s nose is longer and he has horns. Just saying…..

  114. The strip gets better all the time. I only see the cartoons every 60 days due to alternating between NY & DC where I enjoy the full sized Washington Post; In my absence, my son saves the papers.
    My all time favorite pun was the ‘free atlas, free atlas, thank cod allnitey etc. Does anyone remember that??

  115. Just read today’s paper following little dog who’s dad passes away well played nice touch made me call my dad forgot how short life is in these fast times always been a great fan of your work because you don’t take it to serious or yourself for that matter says a lot about a person who can poke fun at them selves keep up the good work I only buy the paper for the comics and games the news bites 😀

  116. My wife and I thank you for the poignant, sensitive strip in today’s (1/14/13) SF Chronicle showing twenty names of twenty small children emblazoned in the night sky. For once, Pig and Rat could sit in silence together brought together by their shared need to remember these children

    Will & Linda

  117. Thank you for sharing your intelligent sense of humor!!! I was looking for an address so that I could send you some classic fan mail but this shall do!! Keep on =)

  118. “Steve Dallas? Who’s Steve Dallas? Look it up Kid. Look it up.” Thank you for being brillant enough to accomadate other cartoonists characters and bring back beloved/ hated characters from cartoon limbo.

  119. I think you comic is refreshing and smart. And I have a question. I am a therapist in private practice and love your Drama Cow. May I use it in my brochure? Can I legally copy a picture of it?

  120. Just ONE question – how long did it take you to come up with the expialidocious pun in Sunday’s strip!!! I admire your brain!!!!

  121. My 68th birthday is tomorrow. Only discovered Pearls in the Baltimore Sun two years go. The previous 10 years wasted only reading news and sports. Stephan rocks, or is cool or groovy or whatever contemporary language would say.

  122. Fellow named Stephan Patsis is being case that I am not big fan. I do however like to laugh at loud mouthed pedantic American peoples. You fill bill perfectly. You are what they call in foreign lands an ‘ugly American.’ This is both literal and figurative.

    Dos Vidanya

  123. It is perfect time to make a few plans for the long run and it is time to be happy.

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  124. My favorite Pastis pun is this one: While having lunch with my friends Tina and Archie, I decided to try dunking bread in coffee. Since I didn’t have any coffee I asked them to dunk a slice for me. They asked if I wanted rye or wheat bread, and I replied (get ready for this), “Dunk rye for me, Arch and Tina.”
    (I added the setup, as only the punch line appeared in the strip). I think this is a real classic and belongs up there with “super callussed fragile mystic hexed by halitosis”

  125. Im so glad the Lakeland (FL) Ledger carries Pearls….now if they could replace Mary Worth with Get Fuzzy,I would be happy. Even if Darby Conely is running repeats(so I heard.) Keep up the great work and Congrats on getting to work with Bill Watterson.

  126. Just read your June 20, 2014 strip (Richie Rich) in the Omaha World Herald. Brilliant! I got it and I am over 50. Read Richie Rich comics religiously as a kid.

  127. First off, I’d like to say I love Pearls Before Swine. But more importantly, I’d like to ask- what happened to the crocs. I haven’t seen them in any strips of late.

  128. Stephen…I absolutely love your strip…I read others but I save yours for last…I especially like the ones when you’re in the last panel…I often actually laugh out loud>>>I wonder how hard it is to be clever 6 days a week

  129. I have an idea for your strip – with Pig and Rat. Pig says: What are you doing on the Porch?
    Rat replies: making a cover for my fish tank to keep the Sun off
    Pig: what kind of fish do you have ?
    Rat : Perch
    Pig: That’s a good idea- – so you don’t parch the porch perch

  130. A recent Mensa puzzle asked, The clue below defines a ten-syllable sentence in which every syllable rhymes. What is the entire sentence?
    Totally loyal Mr. Hefner was aware that airplane personnel transported only a handful of members of Sitting Bull’s tribe in and out the other side of an animal park.

    True-blue Hugh knew crew flew few Sioux through zoo.
    A new bar has been set, pun guy.

  131. Stephan, tonight as I cooked dinner I thought of a groaner…so bad that I wanted to share it with you. If you want it, take it, it’s not copyrighted: We had an aunt who spent a lot of time on the plains near Lake Victoria in Africa. She learned to make opasta while she was there. After she moved back home she always kept some frozen pasta to heat up for company. We loved to visit her and have Aunt Betyy’s table ready Serengeti spaghetti. Bad, huh?.

  132. I’m a longtime reader & fan of your PBS strip (w/ all due respect to Public Broadcasting System!)…..the puns & wordplay especially. The closing line in today’s (7/21/15) strip…”A mouth in motion tends to stay in motion.”, immediately had me thinking…..Did Stephan have Donald Trump in mind when he wrote this?!?! Thanks for the daily snickers & guffaws!

  133. Love your strip, especially the wordplay! My kids think you must be my long lost twin. Don’t know whether you’ll actually read this, and if you do whether you can use this, but what the heck…If a couple of macaws did equally well reviewed spoofs you’d have parroty parody parity.

  134. Your strip in the Sunday edition on 2/12/17 was, as far as I’m concerned, the most important strip I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how awake you actually are, but you said more truth in that one strip than most written articles in most controlled media papers. Of course, it’s a bit more complicated than what a few sentences could be expected to explain, but the fact you even said that much was astounding to me. I commend you.

  135. HEY STEPHAN! I am your biggest fan! I have all of your books. How is your wife, Stacy? I’d give ANYTHING to meet you! Could you make me a character in your book? PLEEEEEEEASE!?!?!?! I think it would be funny if you made it seem as though the crocs ate Zebra. Like, if Junior where to become embarrassed by his fathers inability to catch Zebra, and scorns his father, making Larry depressed. Zebra sees this, and feels bad for Larry because Larry’s son means the world to Larry. Zebra make a decoy of himself using leftover zebra meat from Rat’s MacZebra Restaurant. Larry ‘kills’ the decoy and brags to his wife and friends, but Zebra has to admit his help eventually. Junior feels a mix of love and pride for his father and forgives him. Larry swears to never harm Zebra again, but he crossed his claws behind his back.

  136. I love Pearls it’s my favorite cartoon, I have been reading since it was first published. Keep doing it and making people laugh this is what the world needs more laughs,

  137. Sir! Today, your “clothes in counters of a turd kind” is the absolute, funniest, gut-bustingest …
    Thank you, thank you, thank you …. I really needed that today. Keep up the GREAT work!

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