And The Soon-To-Be-Immortalized Winner Is…

Thank you to all the people who submitted entries for the “Only the Pearls” iPad app quiz!

And while I would like to declare you all winners, my publisher insists there can only be one…

Thus….(insert sound of drum roll here)…….the winner is:

Melanie Lustig!

Melanie will soon have the pleasure (displeasure?) of seeing her name appear in a Pearls strip.

Will she be a doomed croc?  A strange neighbor?  A set-up to an irritating pun?….

No one knows.  Least of all me.  Because I haven’t written the strip yet.

I have already submitted strips to the syndicate through the end of March, but my best guess is that the strip will appear in the late Spring….

Thank you everyone for playing.  To me, you are all immortal.  (Well, not really.  Just trying to be diplomatic).


Last Chance To Be Immortal

Time is winding down to enter the contest in honor of the first ever Pearls app for the iPad.  Entries have to be in by midnight PST on Friday, January 27.

The winner will be forever immortalized by having his/her name mentioned in one of my daily strips. (First name only.)

All you have to do is watch the app, and then afterwards, correctly answer all of the questions.  At the end of the game, I’ll randomly pull out one winner.

Just email your answers to:

Here are the questions again:

Only the Pearls Search and Find Game

  1. Name the coffee shop where Rat works as a barista and opines about Louisa May Alcott.
  2. What do I have trouble drawing? I mean, aside from everything. What do I specifically have trouble drawing?
  3.  It’s a __________ move to surround yourself with your own memorabilia.
  4. How many rules does each strip need to pass in order for me to consider it funny?
  5. Who in the Writing Room might need a trip to the optometrist and why?
  6. One word: _____________
  7. What does Pig whisper and how do you know he’s whispering?
  8. Pig and I own the same piece of clothing. What is it?
  9. What are the answers to the Jumble I created?
  10. What magical creature does Zebra not believe in?
  11. Where did my bulletin board come from?
  12. What seems to be the beverage of choice in the Writing Room?

Good luck!

P.S.  And in case you missed the cool trailer, it’s right here:

Me, Toy Fair and Drawing on People’s Bodies

Hey, if you have a whole bunch of extra time on your hands, come to Toy Fair in New York City next Monday and Tuesday, February 16 and 17.  I’ll be signing stuff for people from 2 pm to 4 pm at the Aurora booth.  Aurora will have tons of Pearls plush there.   If you can’t get in or you just can’t make it to NYC, maybe someone you know is going and I can sign something for them to give to you.  Or maybe you don’t want anything at all signed by me.

Speaking of which, when I’m really drunk at parties, I have this wonderful habit of finding a Sharpie and drawing my characters on people’s arms, backs, etc.  People wake up with drawings that are very hard to scrub off.  I’ve also drawn on furniture, which is a bit more problematic for the homeowner.   Lucky for you, I will be sober at the Aurora table.

And I’m told I’m in a book!  Andy Nulman, the super-successful CEO of the largest comedy festival in the world, the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, has written a book on the power of surprise marketing called “Pow! Right Between the Eyes:  Profiting from the Power of Surprise“, and there’s apparently a section that has me in it.  I’m all for books that have me in it.