32 thoughts on “Animated Versions of Pearls Strips

  1. Hi there,

    I am trying to get in touch with you regarding the Animated Pearls. I’d like to send you embedding codes for you to post on your blog and I’d also like to find out if it’s possible for you to mention Babelgum were the videos are being distributed.
    Please feel free to get in touch with me at your easiest convenience.


  2. You should have had an entire series made into an animated movie
    I seem to remember a good series in the book “Pearls Sells Out”
    It had the croc and rat meeting in the revengemobile and the zeeba assaseen segway

  3. wonderful the greatest videos ever

    I am amazed at such wonderful things as this extraordinary


  4. They’re wonderfully done, but I always imagined Rat’s voice squeakier and Pig’s less airy.

    Also, I like the idea of a longer Pearls animated movie based on the comics, kinda like the Peanuts movies. I DID notice your name under the credits of the recently done Peanuts shorts!

  5. I had an Idea for a strip and I giv up all rights or whatever for a pun.. or something along these lines. I don’t know if you ever read these comments.

    “on scene, pig and goat and rat at the pub.

    Goat: Hey pig did you hear about the rights for clowns parade?

    Pig: What?

    Rat: All the clowns dress up in costume and protest against clown hate.

    Goat: They march down this one alley every year, but this year a guy named Wun Dun blocked their path with a huge refrigerator.

    Pig: So what you’re saying is that Wun Dun’s Fridge is stalling clown?

    Goat does the squint eyes.

    //Rat at editor/writer//
    Rat: I can’t believe people still read this strip.

  6. I just found these animated strips and I love them. Thanks for posting them. The Crocs sound just like I thought they would. I loved the opening with LGD shooting out the PB4S logo.

    My husband just bought me the Pearls Blows Up treasury. As a matter of fact, he bought two (it was his first experience buying something off the internet). Anyone want a good deal? LOL

    Thanks, Steph, I love the strip and keep ’em coming.

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  8. I love these animated strips! Who does the voices? The crocs sound just like I imagined they would. 🙂

  9. (Rat)The Vikings don’t leave there most inner thoughts in there [*******] Diary!

    (Me) what the…..

    (Commentary from the Twilight Zone) to be said but yet to be continued in the Twilight Zone…

    (Rat) What the [****]

  10. I have been reading Pearls Before Swine forever, so I had the voice nailed down in my brain. Then I found the animated strips, and the voices were not even close to what I expected.

  11. Inspiration came this morning from my daughter and her natural philosophy class. Pig having trouble reading the label of a Playdough can after Goat mentions how difficult reading Plato is.

  12. The actors are distractingly bad! Terrible accents and delivery. You’d be better relying on familiar voices such as Ratso from Midnight Cowboy and Bubba from Forrest Gump.

  13. I would think Rat’s voice would be a bit higher since he a rat. The Crocs are, although stoopid, are feerce preeditors, should have a hint of Peter Lorie. To me, it seemed that is what Mr. Pasties was trying to convey in their accent.

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