Your Chance to Own an Original Pearls Strip

I’m often asked if I sell original Pearls strips.  And unfortunately, I don’t.

But every year or so, I auction one off for charity.  In this case, homeless kids here in my community of Santa Rosa, California.

So if you’ve always wanted to own an original strip, and would like to help a great cause in the process, there is ONE glorious day left to bid in the auction.

Just click HERE to see the wild and crazy bidding.

Your fearless cartoonist,



5 thoughts on “Your Chance to Own an Original Pearls Strip

  1. Dear Wily Muse: Anent your strip for 11/22/15: VERY EXPENSIVE. I need to have it surgically extracted from my febrile brain tomorrow. As we used to say, back in grade school, “What do you call a man who plays with words while eating cheese in the dark?” (ANSWER) “A Punster eating Munster in the Finster.” Chew on that, Big Guy!

  2. Enjoying coffee in railroad square where Dickensian caricaturist could keep busy for years … The artist I met here last time Stanley mouse has a new show in the City

  3. Your strip is great fun, except the Guard Duck. Sorry, the humor surrounding him escapes me.

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