I Get Burned in September

A sneak peek at the cover of the next Pearls treasury, Pearls Gets Sacrificed, which contains 18 months worth of strips, Pearls stickers, and of course, my insightful commentary.  The book’s publication (and 8 city book tour) will all happen in September.

Cities to be announced soon.

pearls gets sac cover

17 thoughts on “I Get Burned in September

  1. Uh oh….! Can’t wait!!! Coming to Los Angeles??? #pleasesayyespleasesayyes

  2. come to pittsburgh again. we’ll go to a ballgame and i’ll buy you a beer.

  3. It’s almost like a shot from a Kanye performance. Looking forward to it.

  4. Thanks for the tease. It has been too long since the last Treasury, and I am exhibiting symptoms of deprivation.

  5. It’s about time!
    Especially in light of today’s strip.
    You couldn’t find a way to put in “But you tell me over and over and over again my friend?”
    You’re losin’ it Pastis! Losin’ it!

  6. 18 months worth of strips!? That has to be more than usual, right? Can’t wait to get it! Already laughing at the “Keel Steffin” sweatshirt on that croc.

  7. I was at the Cartoon Museum of San Francisco on Saturday (http://cartoonart.org/). They do have a small-but-decent display of newspaper comics, but no Stephan Pastis anywhere on the walls or in the gift shop. Boooo! Make it one of your tour stops (c’mon, you’re 50 miles away!). They need an infusion of Pastis to give the place respectability.

  8. I,m a great fan of the crocs. I don’t see them enough. I laugh so hard. Please do them more.

  9. We met at the bBook signing in Pasadena…You MUST I mean MUST meet again in Santa Rosa

    At the SPINSTER SISTERS BEST restaurant by far. in Santa Rosa..AND!!! MANNnnnny tap beers.
    THE OWNER is GReeeeaat and is RIGHT NOW redoing PARTS of Santa Rosa You CAN get involved…I will be in Santa Rosa 7/28—7/31 Hope too meet again JIM jamey15@centurylionk.net

  10. are you coming to the toonseum again? pittsburgh in february… do you do your own booking?

  11. I know those kids on the cover. They were supposed to get my books signed. They “forgot” to.

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