Signed Books! Act Fast.

I just wandered over to my local bookstore, Copperfield’s Books, and signed a whole bunch of the newest Pearls book, King of the Comics, and drew a character in each (some of them drawn quite well, if I may say).

If you want one, just call 707-578-8938 and they’ll ship it to you.  But call soon, as they tend to sell out.





9 thoughts on “Signed Books! Act Fast.

  1. I received Mr. Pastis’ email and have ordered a copy of his book.  The purpose of this email is to tell Mr. Pastis that the pleasant young lady who took my order informed me that her maiden name is the same as my family name: betts.  How about that?  Thanks to Mr. Pastis for giving me the opportunity to meet a distant cousin.  She is from Wisconsin, my family is from Long Island, and I live in Texas; small world.jbetts

  2. Thanx for the heads up on the signed books . Just got mine ordered . Cant wait to see the character drawing in the books I get.
    Really enjoy your work !!!!!! Thank you .

  3. Got it from the bookstore with your Larry the Crock drawn inside. Love it!
    Also, yesterday’s comic with Larry and “no one respekkts planning phase” was hysterical. I am on faculty at the Joint Forces Staff College where we teach planning to senior US military officers, as well as foreign officers and civilians from other Federal agencies. My fellow faculty love that strip. Can we get permission to use it with out students?

    Thank you,

    CDR Steve Dundas, Assistant Professor and Chaplain, Joint Forces Staff College, Norfolk, VA

  4. My friend Salma was on vacation in Alaska and a bear stole her boat. That’s right, a Kodiak hijacked Hayek’s kayak.

  5. Stephan,
    I just want to say thank you for “Pearls Before Swine.” More often than not, you help me to start my day with a chuckle. No small thing. . .

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