Timmy Failure: The Play

I’m proud to announce that my first book, Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made, has been turned into a play by the Oregon Children’s Theatre.  The play opens this Saturday (Feb. 28) in Portland, Oregon.

To see the video trailer (and see how cute Total the polar bear looks), click HERE.

And for info on tickets, just go HERE.

10 thoughts on “Timmy Failure: The Play

  1. We would love to see the play in Philly!! If Beginning Pearls were a live show, my kids would flip! They die every time I say ‘What a waste of Willy’. Thanks for your work!!

  2. Nothing to do with this post, but yesterday I set up my website for my comic Dumb Bunnies. Reading Pearls was what motivated me to become a cartoonist! thanks Stephan! My comic can be found at DumbBunniesComics.wordpress.com.

  3. Nice! Btw I’m a huge fan and I just wanted to say I’m drawing an image of pig in my art class…

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