Last Batch of Books Before Christmas!

Okay, I just signed one final bunch of the latest Pearls book, “Breaking Stephan” (and drew a character in each); and signed a lot of all three Timmy Failure books (and drew both Rat AND a Timmy character in each).

To get one, just call 707-578-8938 and they’ll ship it to you.

P.S.  I also signed a random book called “Farm Anatomy.” I’m curious to see which one of you buys that.






3 thoughts on “Last Batch of Books Before Christmas!

  1. I am the guy, who asked you about KL Carver School when you were in Austin, Texas. It was the cartoon you said that you drew while in grade school. I saw in one of your recent cartoons that you ran cross country at SMHS. I did, too. I was on the team in ’63 and ’64 when we won the CIF both years. I believe we won the only CIF trophies ever won in any sport by SMHS.

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