Your Christmas Shopping Taken Care Of!

I just signed a whole bunch of the latest Pearls book, “Breaking Stephan”, and drew a character in each. I also signed a bunch of Timmy Failure books (Books 1, 2, and 3), and drew a character in each of those as well.

To get one, just call 707-578-8938.

But call now, because they tend to go quickly.


Pearls_BreakingStephan_timeline TimmyFailure3_Facebook

4 thoughts on “Your Christmas Shopping Taken Care Of!

  1. Just got the pig drawing. I met you a year ago at Bosely Books in Milwaukee. Great presentation Tricia Spaeth >

  2. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I missed the books. I am so sad.

    So, the next time you have a book signing I will have to come and have you sign Breaking Stephan and Timmy Failure 2 & 3, because I only have 1.

    And I wish you the Merriest Christmas and I hope you are always in my life. You are a genius. Oh, and also you are insane.


  3. I read P b S every day in New Haven Register, CT. i am a fan its smart and funny. Today’s strip, given the timing of whats going on in Paris as i write and what has gone on in our country is outragious. Police are being slatered and families destroyed. THIS IS NOT FUNNY or SMART. you should appoligize.

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