2 thoughts on “Timmy Failure, We Meet Again

  1. Dear Mr. Pastis,
    I been reading your comic for a long time (got all the treasuries) and I got to say that the one where Goat asks Rat “Why do you drink so much?” has GOT to be the best one yet…..
    I memorized it for further use..(if you don’t mind…)

    Thank you,
    Tom Mondragon

  2. I just read your Sunday comic in the Great Falls, Montana Tribune. I am absolutely mortified by it. How dare you make fun of death. I have had the most excruciating pain in trying to find airline passage home for family members of the deceased in the past 3 weeks. It has brought just about as much pain to me as the loss of my loved ones. I hope you never, ever…ever have to go through what we just did. You make me sick.

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