May 1 — Petaluma, California

For those that live in the Northern California area, I will be signing books tomorrow at 4 pm at Copperfields Books in Petaluma (140 Kentucky Street).

Forgive the last minute announcement.  Sometimes I prefer the element of surprise.


13 thoughts on “May 1 — Petaluma, California

  1. Your strip is evidently highly thought of judging by the number of awards it has garnered. I’m afraid I don’t see the humor – but humor is subjective. I am writing specifically about yesterday’s strip (a take-off on Old Mother Hubbard). It’s your strip, but I strongly object to the use of a gun in it. I would feel this way about any strip whether I liked it or not. These “comic” strips are listed in our newspaper on a page entitled Diversions. Guns are not comic fodder in any context. Just my opinion…. I would appreciate comment from author.

  2. Stephan – You’re insane. And I’m sorry I’m going to miss your showing. You are the best.

  3. Your May 9 strip was over the line. You are a jerk, and your lame comic has obviously jumped the shark like Beetle Bailey, Garfield, Marmaduke, Dennis the Menace, Wizard of ID, BC, and all the others that are out of ideas and up your creek (get it?) with no paddle. Funny looking characters
    can only take you so far…..what it takes is talent (like Scott Adams) to succeed. I’d even take Mary Worth or Fred Basset over Pearls now.

  4. Love your comic. Recently I had to explain global warming to my sister, so I told her it’s caused by penguins smoking cigars. She asked why, so I said ‘it goes with their tuxedos’. She said ‘no why does that cause global warming’, so I said ’cause it makes more sense than the other theories and the penguins are cold’. I think it would be awesome if your penguins acted this out so my sister can visualize it.

  5. I loved your comic strip week on wheel of fortune. Especially Andy Capp! OMG I loved that comic strip. Great idea.

  6. Bring jour crocodle asses to houston texas!along with thier zeeba neebas

  7. What abut those just visiting the area, why didn’t you invite them? Are they not good enough for you, or were you worried that the general ‘Petaluma’ smell drive them off? And exactly how do the homeless fit into this? I mean, yes, there is some portion of the ‘hot-tubbing’ Marin Country homeless crowd that was “these people are just too snobby for me” and decide to migrate north, but technically, without a home, do they really live there, or are they just passing through really, really slowly? And if the latter, why would you discriminate against them, they’ve had a rough time of things as is. Seriously, homelessness is not a joking matter. It’s kind of like ‘guns’. I know there are people that’d say you’d need to have a stick up your bum to state any given topic is completely devoid of humor, but it is true, there are 2: homelessness and guns. And sticks up the bum are not funny either, so you better make that three. I mean, what if there were little twigs on the stick, someone might get hurt (did anyone check on Linda to make sure she was okay?). So it’s settled, there are three things that are never funny ever. Hold on, I almost forgot: pen size. So, we’re up to 4 now… better make that 3 and a half, its only really a problem for people with small pens (really, don’t they know, it’s your handwriting that matters). So never make fun of those three and half things as you blatantly treat tourists second class citizens.

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  9. Stephen, I’m a 72-year-old widow and I have read the daily comics for over 30 years or more. I consider you a top-grade genius when it comes to writing comics. I have clipped out many comic strips by many different writers and my 42 year old son loves reading them when he visits from California. However, I finally had to have separate envelopes for your comics beginning last year, since I have had to save so many of them. Often laughing over one day’s P.B.S.
    comic strip until my head hurt.

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