Pearls Before Swine Figurines — The Choice is Yours

So at one of my recent book signings, a Pearls fan (and professional toy maker) presented me with a great figurine of me, Stephan.  It’s made out of resin and is about four inches high.


I got his contact information and asked if he’d want to make figurines of some of the other Pearls characters.  He said yes.

So the plan right now is to start out with a set of four Pearls characters.  We’re not yet sure if they would be sold individually or as a set.

But I’d like your feedback on which characters you’d like to own as figurines.


And if you’d like to see a specific pose (Rat hitting someone with a bat?  Pig jumping in the air?  The lemmings leaning over the cliff?), feel free to suggest it in the comment section below.

Thanks for your feedback.




163 thoughts on “Pearls Before Swine Figurines — The Choice is Yours

  1. Since I can only select one above, I’ll say that I’d like to see Rat, Pig, Stephan, and Guard Duck – preferably with a bazooka.

  2. Its really hard to choose! Love the strip and love all the characters!!!

  3. Love so many characters, but my favorite has always been Andy, the dog on a chain.

  4. Larry holding a beer and looking sozzled.
    Also, I would love to own Toby the Agoraphobic Turtle!
    Apparently, all my favorite characters are alcoholics. XD

  5. If there was a reasonably priced set of 4, I’d buy all 4. I think the top choices would probably be Stephan, Pig, Rat and Larry.

  6. I would like a figurine of that yellow-and-white stuffed dolphin called No_bob that you are still planning but have not quite put into your strip yet [the joke being he is called No_bob because he was going to be called ‘bob’ but being stuffed he would not bob and sink is not a great name] but otherwise a Croc/Zeeba combo where the croc is maybe in a really bad disguise or something and the Zeeba is eye-rolling…

  7. Honestly, I want ’em all!

    I say start with the 11 you have in the poll, plus Andy the Dog, and make 3 sets of 4.

    Of course, you’d also have to make a Croc Pack, with Larry, Wife, Junior, and Bob. And a pack of Dead Bobs, featuring four ways Bob has died. Actually, that would probably require multiple packs…

  8. Since I could only pick one, I picked Rat, but for a 4 character set, I think the original 4 would be a great start – Rat, Pig, Goat and Zebra. Poses could be: Rat holding a beer can, Pig dancing, Goat with a book and Zebra by the fence

    The second set should be Larry the Croc, Guard Duck, Snuffles and Neighbour Bob. Not sure about poses for all of them, but definitely Guard Duck with a gun of some type, Snuffles in a cage, Neighbour Bob holding a coffee cup (?), and maybe Larry the Croc laying down with X’s for eyes, like he’s dead.

    I would buy all of these…what a great idea! And yes…I’d even buy a Stephan figure…but that should be a separate “special edition” figure, because you are special Stephan…very, very special. 😉

  9. Carbono the Shark holding his Global Warming donation can 🙂
    and may I also suggest….
    The cute penguin couple on an iceberg 🙂

  10. I like the idea if you do a set of 4 that the bases fit together to form one scene

  11. I like the idea of a figure that appears interactive; one that, when sitting on my desk, looks like he’s communicating with me. For example, Guard Duck forcing me to keep working or Rat letting me know it’s time to blow off work and get a beer. Maybe pic in such a pose that I can have him be looking over my monitor or Larry climbing up my external hard drive. It’s a great idea – must feel great to have fans who are emotionally attached to your creations.

  12. I love all of Pig’s expressions, but his bug-eyed, open-mouthed genuine joyous excitement just makes me happy.

  13. I’d like a laughing Pig, whatever he does. His face is soooo cute when he laughs 🙂

  14. Rat, Pig, Zebra, and Larry. A Box ‘O Stupid People wouldn’t go amiss,either.

  15. I would love to see Rat with his megaphone blasting “will all the stupid people please shut up!”

  16. I think Rat and Pig are a given, it’s really which other two do we want. I definitely want Larry. And Rat with a Bat would be fantastic. Don’t feel strongly about the 4th. As long as it’s not Stephan.

  17. Like the old Simpsons figs, each should have a few identifiable items with them: a book for Goat, a couple of Viking figurines for Pig, a drawing pad for Stephan, etc. . . .

  18. i want them all of course! But what about some of the main characters having alternate versions, depending on the line doing well? Rat normal, rat knocking someone out with a bat, rat going bonkers crazy; pig normal, pig with his big super happy smile, pig depressed as examples. 1 rat, 1 pig, and 2 other characters in the first series. Then another rat and pig somewhere down the road.

  19. How about a whole set of crocs? The Fantasteek Four, Santa, Beer Helmet, Box ‘o Morons, the ZZE Frat, Larry’s Wife Patty (aka “Wooman”), Junior, Founder of Weendows (with permission, lol!), etc.

  20. Oh this is a wonderful idea! The figurine plus the 2015 daily Pearls calendar would make the perfect Christmas gift. Definitely Larry the Croc!

  21. How about you at your desk with Pig by your side. A little scene kind of thing. And one of you were you are cavorting in the yard butt naked ! Heck, I would like them all ! Thanks for all the laughs over the years. Steph is Comic Gold :))

  22. I would like to see Pig and Pigita. These would be goo for lovers and wedding cake toppers.

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  23. Why just one figure? There needs to be a collection: rat, pig, croc, guard duck, stephan, etc…

  24. You have to have at least Rat and Pig. Better yet, have all four originals with Goat and Zebra included. Optimally, you’d also include Larry the Croc and Guard Duck. Possibly include Stephan and his desk.

  25. Guard Duck with his bazooka pointed at the neighbor’s house that he painted a target on.

  26. Rat, Larry, and Pig are necessities. But I love Elly- I think her importantance shouldn’t be underestimated. 🙂 I know that if I could only get two it’d be Larry and Elly.

  27. I want them all. Seriously. And I’d love to see the Orca’s- but I’m one of those fans who can’t let them go so… Also, I love the above suggested idea of props. I have a Peanuts sets with props, Lucy w/ her stand and 5cent can, etc.

  28. Rat in a beer hat and guard duck with cigarette and an assortment of excessively violent weopons

  29. I agree with those who l would like to see a set.

    Set one: Rat, Pig, Stephan, Larry.
    Set two: Goat, Guard Duck, Zebra and Snuffles.
    Set three: Larry’s family, Danny Donkey, Elly Elephant.

    Then accessories, like the “Box O’ Morons”, the “Cool Fence”, and a ring to designate “Ratopia”.
    And of course, beer cans…each set should come with a case of beer cans.

  30. Absolutely should be Stephan at his desk writing … with Rat standing beside him with a bat. You know … like in all the PUN strips? It would be REQUIRED gear for the desk of every writer or comic strip writer in the world!!!

  31. Okay– I want to dress all the characters with seasonal clothing….can it be done? Santa hat on Larry holding a beer can, or Halloween pumpkin pumpkin, Easter basket with beer in it, or a pool float (with a beer holder) ….you get the idea…..<3

  32. I would like an entire set of all of the characters. Four is nowhere near enough. I have all four of the plush toys and am still waiting on the other guys. I also think the previous suggestions are terrific. The interlocking pieces for a scene, the characters appearing to interact with us, etc… This guy who wants to make figurines has a huge untapped market here and don’t see how he can go wrong with this project. It’s an entire industry in and of itself.

  33. I would love to have the major characters: Rat, Pig, Goat, Guard Duck, Zebra, Larry the Croc (especially when he was on Jeopardy), Stephen, Snuffles. Sorry if I’ve missed any. 🙂

  34. Themed sets … with a small reprint of the comic strip that inspired each figure.

    For Writers/Bloggers: Goat writing his blog, Stephan writing his strip, Rat writing his fairy tales, Pig with the “unclever blog with links” … along with a small cartoon strips of each of them doing it.

    FWIW an NPR/PBS/Radio Show series would go over well at any station.

    Maybe a Coffee Shop series, a Beer series, a Dating/Relationship series, an Amusement Park series, etc. Infinite choices.

    You could even do a “Figurine Of The Month” Club for repeat orders.

  35. Ugggg, why just one? It was hard. But I picked Snuffles. And I would Larry the Croc, LGD, pig and rat. And Danny Donkey. Hell, all of them would be good.

  36. I love Danny Donkey ! when you were here in Richmond, I asked you for more Danny Donkey at the book signing.I know the other characters are more popular,but Danny Donkey is so awesome !!

  37. Goat, Zeeba, Rat & Pastis. and Pig. and Danny Donkey and Larry, Patty & Junior. Farina in her bubble. Arch & Tina dunking rye… I think I’ll stop now.

  38. Definitely rat with a baseball bat in one hand and a can of beer in the other hand.

  39. Heli-kitty with hand grenade!! And if there is a set of any sort, it should be packaged in a box o’ stupid people or the box Pig traveled to the moon in.

  40. You could start out with one pose for each character and then maybe offer new future figurines with different poses and doing different things. Personally I miss the lions but larry, rat and Pig really make the strip.

  41. Wish you had a “like” button for each so I could show which I liked. All suggestions good, but how about rat with a big empty word balloon that we could write on? Maybe he could be in a sarcastic pose. Wouldn’t that be a good addition to a desk?

  42. Hi Stephan! I’m a big fan, so I’m excited that you’re reading this! Anyway, I want ro say that this was a hard decision, and I think you should make them all!

    PS I love your books! I’m reading Pearls Falls Fast as I write this. Really funny comments! BYE!!!!

  43. Hi Stephan! I’m a big fan, so I’m excited that you’re reading this! Anyway, I want ro say that this was a hard decision, and I think you should have th all made!

    PS I love your books! I’m reading Pearls Falls Fast as I write this. Really funny comments! BYE!!!!

  44. Mos def Larry with a beer, I’m with the other guy too that wants the whole Croc family, lol. I want ALL the characters, 🙂

  45. I would love to see Rat sitting at his computer typing up an Angry Bob story while smoking and having a coffee mug sitting next to him on the desk.

  46. All! Especially croc in a water cooler with Zebra standing next to it. Or other crocs or Duck and Snuffles shenanigans.

  47. Sucks that we can only vote for one! Love so many of them. I voted for Larry, but I would also vote for Rat, Pig and Zeeba Neighbour.

  48. – Rat and Pig in their classic dynamic perhaps
    – Rat on your desk, ready to pummel you for yet another setup to a painful punchline
    – Larry and Zebra, with Larry on a pathetically conspicuous stakeout (e.g. hiding in the bushes with his snout protruding) and Zeeba neighba rolling his eyes (or you know, whatever you think is most apt)
    – Paris/Goat and Rat drinking coffee

  49. Personally, I think it would be cool to make them interlocking figures. Basically, you have a figure of Rat with a baseball bat, getting ready to swing. And he is great on his own. But you can then link the base of his figure to one of Pig looking away, all happy, and suddenly it looks like Pig is going to get it. Or have Zebra looking all paniced… it can go with either Rat swinging said bat or Larry with a knife and fork, looking at him with jaws wide.

  50. For Valentines Day you could do Junior and the little Zebra girl holding hands on a couch.

  51. love to see Pig when he’s in the cardboard box blasting off to “space” (it was a Sunday strip). But Pig looking happy and innocent would be good too. And lil guard duck! And mr. snuffles too! EVERYONE!

  52. Elly Elephant and Danny Donkey would be a great two-figure set. I’d like to see them in the same strip.

  53. I like Pig doing his happy jump, but I’d also like to see Larry with Junior…. it’d be great for father’s day!!

  54. Guard Duck with an RPG. Also, in the future, for Valentines’ have one of him and Maura reenacting their kiss. So sweet.

  55. Please make a figurine of Rat holding the “NO ONE CARES” sign I’ll need at least three by next christmas

  56. – Guard Duck with helmet and RPG (first choice).
    – Guard Duck in Waterfowler version with monocle, top hat and cigarette in holder.
    – Ensemble cast standing on the crate ‘o sadness.
    – Doorstoppo, Paper Jam Boy and Stapler Head running to the rescue.

  57. Four choices, with poses, would be:

    * Rat – doing something aggressive, like holding a baseball bat with his dramatic angry face.
    * Croc – the “woohoo” pose, fists in the air, jumping.
    * Guard duck – holding an absurdly large weapon or throwing a grenade
    * Pig – happy, maybe jumping

  58. Larry and Patty the crocs, as wedding cake toppers! Please? I’m getting married in a year and want that. Plus a speech bubble that says “Peese shut mouf wooman!”

  59. Or “Wooman peese shut mouf!” whichever way it’s supposed to be.. my fiancee is insisting I had it wrong the first time. Ahem.

  60. Definitely Guard Duck with the RPG. Ideally he should be holding it properly — on his shoulder with a hand on the trigger. In the strip, he tends to hold it in front of himself, so he would be burned by the rocket exhaust if he actually fired it.

    You just gotta love Guard Duck!

    And Danny Donkey drinking a beer.

    Ok, you gotta love the rest of the characters too, but if there’s a limited choice…

  61. I would love a guard duck with mr snuffles, and rat and pig. I feel as though the croc and zebra should go together in a set. Also, guard duck and snuffles should definitely have their secret agent sunglasses on.

  62. Larry yelling ‘WOT?’, like in that one ‘Frozen Zebra Meat’ series.

  63. Ellie sitting at the date table.

    Stephen sitting behind desk looking at rat and pig.

    Zebra on island.

    Sean Penn penultimate Penn pen.

    The don’s Hurley light.

  64. Oh, let’s get classic here: Rat in an Ignatz pose with a brick (or bottle or dynamite) and Pig in a Krazy Kat pose about to be hit by said brick. Make that a two-pack and I’d buy it on the spot. Of course, many will wonder who the hell Krazy Kat and Ignatz are, but it’ll be an in-joke, then!

  65. Stephan, as a long-standing fan of Pearls and you, I’d love it if you would join your (and my) hero, the great Bill Watterson, and refuse all commercialization of your wonderful characters. They were created for, and thrive only in, the flat 2-dimensional medium of the comic strip. There is no reason, except $$$$, to create toys or games out them, nor, IMHO, to animate them or make TV stars out them like Charlie Brown or the Simpsons. It’ll kill them for the sake of a few bucks. Of course, Rat would strongly disagree with me, but Goat would never forgive you. Don’t prostitute innocent Pig, please. (Go back to a part-time job with a legal firm if you want to sell yourself for $$$$.)

    🙂 Keep up your good work!!

  66. I would have to say Larry in his attacking pose as seen in the strip where zebra is apparently protected by a force field.

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  68. in 1966 working with a crew on the shipyard at Mobile Alabama, staying in a motel in Mobile we carpooled through the mobile bay tunnel to the shipyard. In 1994, working at a group home, I came through the door with six gallons of milk. A coworker said that will get you carpel tunnel syndrome. I said it already has, I just had a flashback of myself in a carpool going through the Mobile Bay tunnel. I think I possibly made one of the longest puns.

  69. Commercialize. Please! All the characters with all the props (including Pastis!). Mobile arms and legs for poses, too. That way the real fans among us could set up Pastis dioramas to suit the mood of the day. (Please don’t forget the little beer cans 😉

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