Pearls Before Swine Figurines — The Choice is Yours

So at one of my recent book signings, a Pearls fan (and professional toy maker) presented me with a great figurine of me, Stephan.  It’s made out of resin and is about four inches high.


I got his contact information and asked if he’d want to make figurines of some of the other Pearls characters.  He said yes.

So the plan right now is to start out with a set of four Pearls characters.  We’re not yet sure if they would be sold individually or as a set.

But I’d like your feedback on which characters you’d like to own as figurines.


And if you’d like to see a specific pose (Rat hitting someone with a bat?  Pig jumping in the air?  The lemmings leaning over the cliff?), feel free to suggest it in the comment section below.

Thanks for your feedback.




I Think I Got Screwed

If you ask me, the censorship code for comics is way too strict.

For example, here is today’s original strip:


But here is how it was changed for newspapers:


Is “Screw you” really that offensive of a phrase?  It doesn’t feel that way to me.

What do you think?