On This, the 12th Anniversary of Pearls Before Swine, A How-To-Guide to Collecting Every Single Pearls Strip

I am often asked by readers for the easiest way to collect all the published Pearls Before Swine strips going back to the very first strip, which was published 12 years ago today, on December 31, 2001.  And I have to admit, it can get confusing.

After all, there have been 14 collections (the small books), 6 treasuries (the big books), 2 gift books (the hardcover books), and even one Pearls kids book (yes, I did a Pearls kids book).

So let me simplify things.  The quickest (and cheapest) way to collect every single strip from the very beginning is to just buy the 6 treasuries.  They are, in order of publication date:

Sgt. Piggy’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (published 2004)


Lions and Tigers and Crocs, Oh My! (published 2006)

lions and tigers

The Crass Menagerie (published 2008)


Pearls Sells Out (published 2009)

sells out

Pearls Blows Up (published 2011)

blows up

Pearls Freaks the #$%# Out (published 2012)


And if you’re a think-ahead kind of person, you can even pre-order the seventh treasury, which comes out in March, called Pearls Falls Fast (sneak peek below).


As an added bonus, each of these seven treasuries contains my commentary below many of the strips, which some people say is funnier than the strips (a compliment?  not a compliment?  I never know).

I’m also asked what the difference is between a “collection” and a “treasury.”  In short, a Pearls collection contains 9 months worth of strips.  A treasury contains 18 months worth of strips.  So a treasury is simply two collections put together.  Thus, there are twice as many Pearls collections (14) as treasuries (7).

So another way to collect every single Pearls strips is to just buy all 14 collections, and skip the treasuries altogether.  Either way, I get your money.  And that’s what’s important.

So if you want to go that route, here is a listing (and Amazon link to) every single collection, in order of publication:

BLTs Taste So Darn Good (published 2003)


This Little Piggy Stayed Home (published 2004)

stayed home

Nighthogs (published 2005)


The Ratvolution Will Not Be Televised (published 2006)


Da Brudderhood of Zeeba Zeeba Eata (published 2007)


The Sopratos (published 2007)


Macho Macho Animals (published 2008)


The Saturday Evening Pearls (published 2009)


50,000,000 Pearls Fans Can’t Be Wrong (published 2010)

50 million

When Pigs Fly (published 2010)

when pigs

Larry in Wonderland (published 2011)


Because Sometimes You Just Gotta Draw a Cover With Your Left Hand (published 2012)


Unsportsmanlike Conduct (published 2013)


Rat’s Wars (published 2013)

rats wars

And now I am going off to celebrate Pearls 12th anniversary as any cartoonist would.

By drawing more strips.

19 thoughts on “On This, the 12th Anniversary of Pearls Before Swine, A How-To-Guide to Collecting Every Single Pearls Strip

  1. I have every “Pearls” publication, including four where you’d drawn characters in each. Thank you for all the amazing laughs, joy, and your incredible gifts that you’ve shared with us. Please don’t go and pull a Larson or Watterson on us. Here’s to at least twelve more!! Congratulations.

  2. Congratulations, and thank you for 12 years of joy and thoughtfulness. Not a day goes by where Pearls doesn’t make a welcome appearance for me.

  3. Just think of all the judges and opposing council you saved from committing genocide since they didn’t come up against your rapier wit. You have served the public well! Please continue…

  4. I just want to say that I think your journey to becoming a syndicated cartoonist is incredible and personally very inspiring

  5. Don’t forget the Pearls app. Of course it doesn’t have all the strips but it covers the full range. I give it an A+.

  6. yeah, i have them all too – guess i’m a sucker – can’t wait for the big guy when the small guy comes out and then when the big guy comes out it has the equally good commentary so i HAVE to get that – really enjoyed meeting you and introducing you to No_bob [the world’s most famous stuffed dolphin – seriously, you should add him in a strip, i bought all your books – am i wearing you down yet? what’s a guy to do?] and would dig to hang out and buy you a beer sometimes when you’re in the Oakland area which is assume is both impossible [timewise] and unlikely [who seriously would want to hang out with a guy who has a stuffed dolphin, and is 40, but seems 24] cos you come across as quite a fun guy and i’m a fun guy so that’s a lot of mushroomy goodness that should really just be able to get together [see what i did there]

    keep on and thank you
    brett fish

    and you should include a yellow-and-white stuffed dolphin called No_bob [because he doesn’t bob – the pun is already written for you!] in a strip once… come on, on a slow day… [brettfish@hotmail.com for pics of him to help you draw him]

  7. You sir are the greatest cartoonist to ever live. (In my opinion) your strips always brighten my day. Mostly becsuse it expresses my opinions. I’m just as (if not more) antisocial as rat. And I love it when people have the courage to make jokes about death. Not to mention my favorite animals are pigs. (Did you know that pigs are actually one if the most intelligent animals there are?) well, this message is long enough and your brilliant treasuries have told me that you’re not one to enjoy talking to others. I’ll go now, but just remember that no matter how many complaints you might get, there’s one fan who believes your comics walk on water. (They’re just jealous of your talent)

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