Dilbert Creator Scott Adams and Me Go Head-to-Head, and It Does Not End Well for One of Us

As some of you might know, I owe my whole career to Dilbert creator Scott Adams, who way back in 2000 told all of his fans to go read Pearls.  It was at that point that Pearls took off.

So when Scott called a few weeks ago and asked if I’d film a video with him, I jumped at the chance.  I got to spend the entire day at his house filming, and afterwards, I drank every bottle of vodka he had.  So it was a win-win for me.  Plus, I got to say, “F#ck you, Scott” in the video.

Behold, the result of that fine day:


12 thoughts on “Dilbert Creator Scott Adams and Me Go Head-to-Head, and It Does Not End Well for One of Us

  1. Thanks for the link. You are my two favorite cartoonists! As a retired engineer, I can appreciate the humor of Adams, and as a born smart-ass, I can appreciate the humor of Pastis.

  2. Really miss your videos…was pleasantly surprised to see you have a new one….FINALLY! Now onto reader mail videos which are missed…but do not forget to keep these humorous ones coming! By the way, I much prefer RAT, Pig, Goat, Croc’s, Zeeba and the whole Pearls community over any other strip.

  3. Cute. But, Scott Adams has an interesting title… Yours? Not so much….
    Be well because – Life is beautiful all the time.

  4. OK, buddies. I’m glad you’re having a good time. I’ve got a lot of Dilbert stuff in my office, but I have to confess that it is being taken over by Pearls things. What can I say. You’re both funny, total nut cases, that’s for sure. And I am very glad that you’re in my life.

  5. I was one of those people who started reading Pearls when Scott talked about it on his blog. I love both comics, I read them daily, and that video was awesome!

  6. Yep, I was one of those Dilbert readers who checked out your first month’s work online based on Scott Adams’ recommendation.

    I remember thinking it was mostly only so-so, but there was one strip that sold it for me. The classic: “If you could talk to one person, living or dead, which one would it be?” “The living one.” “You must think I’m really stupid.”

    STILL one of my favorite individual strips of all time. After that I was hooked.

    Of course, fast forward a few years and today Pearls is my favorite strip. You’ve really improved. Today: much, much funnier than Dilbert, which has been coasting on fumes for a few years.

    (Of course, now we can see why – look at all the distractions he has to try to work through as he rushes out his strip!)

    They’re still my favorite two comic strips though.

  7. Outrageous fellow named Stephan Pastis, has come to my attention that you mingle with Dilbert creator Adams and challenge to drawing/intellectual contest. Is famous saying in home country which states ‘deep rivers run quietly, empty barrels make the most noise.’ You are loquacious fellow Stephan Pastis. In any event years of hard living have finally taken toll on Mr. Adams – has aged greatly beyond his halcyon days in the 1980’s. Now when he sings ‘I’m going to run to you’ his fans yell back ‘not as fast as we are running away from you.’

    Dos Vidanya Stephan

    P.S. Do you suppose that you are archetype of pointy haired boss in Dilbert comic strip?

  8. This was brilliant and looked like a lot of fun to make! I have Scott Adams autograph on one of his dailies, one day I’ll get the chance to meet and get yours too. Keep up the awesomeness sir.

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