Ohio! California! And I Know, I Know, I Don’t Blog Enough

All apologies for my lack of blogging.  The time I used to have for it has been eaten up by my writing of the Timmy Failure book series, which is now in its 23rd week on the NY Times bestsellers list and extended bestsellers list (alright, a little boastful, but I’m giddy).

The other thing that has been taking up all my time is the constant travel, as I now tour for Timmy and Pearls about four weeks a year.

But the good news is that I will hopefully be coming to your town soon (or perhaps that’s the bad news).  So look to this space, where I’ll be posting a whole bunch of 2014 tour dates soon.

Along those lines, I have two final appearance dates in 2013.

The first is here in Northern California!  I’ll be appearing in my hometown of Santa Rosa, California, at Santa Rosa High School (1235 Mendocino Ave.) on Wednesday, November 6, at 7 pm.  The event is free, and I will be signing books after.  The audience will be invited to ask embarrassing questions.  And that’s an opportunity you can’t pass up.

AND, I will be appearing at Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday, November 16 at 2 pm.  If you want to go to that event, tickets go on sale HERE tomorrow (Nov. 1) at 10 am EST.  So if you live in Ohio and want to go, you need to call right at 10 am tomorrow, because there are very few tickets still available.  (I’m sorry!)

Clothing required for all events.



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10 thoughts on “Ohio! California! And I Know, I Know, I Don’t Blog Enough

  1. And I get up every morning and grab the San Francisco Chronicle and quickly pull out the Datebook section so I can read Pearls Before Swine. I can’t live without it. See you in Santa Rosa.


  2. Fellow named Stephan Pastis. You are most outraging fellow. Has come to my attention that you now call snubbed nose alligator a ‘croc.’ This is most outrageous! In every sense of the word it is a crock – pardon me for making pun. How can be such ignorance in American peoples. Dos Vidanya Stephan.

  3. Stephen,
    Just read the strip about the St. Bernardster and it just cracked me up to tears. Where did that one come from? I’m a 63 y.o. hospital pharmacist and read your strip first thing every morning. Great stuff! Thanks and keep it coming.

  4. I enjoy your strip every week in the SF Chronicle, but today’s was an instant classic! LMAO!! (Pig taking a call from you in Ann Arbor while you’re dressed in a Brutus Buckeye costume) I couldn’t figure out where you got the impetus for that one until I finally discovered in your blog that you’re going to be speaking at OSU next Saturday. I’m a UM grad and big time Wolverines fan and I’m putting it up on my fridge so I can continue to enjoy it in the weeks (and years to come). Thank you for your great strips every week, but this one will always be the best!

  5. Today’s Pearls Before Swine, foreshadowing your appearance in Ohio, was genius. In the comic, you asked for directions from Ann Arbor to Columbus.

    Being an alumnus of The Ohio State University, we always has those directions the other way around: How do you get from Columbus to Ann Arbor? North ’til you smell it, west ’til you step in it! 🙂

  6. Fellow named Stephan Pastis. Is come to my attention that you have drawn in comic strip the image of Brutus Buckeye and how Michigan peoples (greatest university in all world) rough him up. Is not being such case! Michigan peoples would laugh heartily at such shenanigans of wearing Brutus Buckeye uniform. In fact is clear indication that Ohio peoples are not God, and to a lesser extent that you are not God. You have heard saying ‘God is not mocked.’ Of course my physician says that laughing is good for health. Stephan you are helping people with their health!

    Dos Vidanya Stephan!

    P.S. Go look in mirror and have good laugh!

  7. Every time I go to one of Stephan’s book signings I yell out “You’re insane.” Well, I just started reading Beginning Pearls and I have to tell you one thing, Stephan. You really ARE insane.

  8. Outrageous fellow named Stephan Pastis, I have heard many outrageous things about you, but nothing as outrageous as current comic about Rat returning to be with family. In said comic Rat talking to family at thanksgiving dinner says “I am happy I only see you once a year, and I like beer.” This is most outrageous comment I have ever heard!!!! He only likes beer??? This shows weak minded values of American peoples. He probably hasn’t tasted good Canadian beer – Sleemans!!!!

    Dos Vidanya Stephan!

    P.S. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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