Ooooooooklahoma, Where The Stephan Comes Signing All His Books

I am making my first trip ever to Oklahoma, where I’ll be speaking and signing books along with Diary of a Wimpy Kid creator Jeff Kinney, Captain Underpants creator Dav Pilkey, and Big Nate creator Lincoln Peirce.  All proceeds will benefit the libraries damaged in the May, 2013 tornadoes.

I’ll be in Tulsa on September 27, and Norman on September 28!

For more info, click HERE.


13 thoughts on “Ooooooooklahoma, Where The Stephan Comes Signing All His Books

  1. Tulsa was a hit! My eight year old thanked me so many times and said it was the best night of his life! He loves to read and sketch! He has been reading a library Timmy Failure but was so excited to get bus own autographed version tonight! He loved meeting all of you. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for coming to Norman today! We had a great time with our 8 year old son who absolutely took in everything you all said. He had me laughing so hard listening to him recount all of your early death comics, the doughboy being his favorite. He can’t wait for the 2nd Timmy Failure book for his birthday, and he was relentless until we took him to the bookstore to buy every Pearls Before Swine book in stock tonight. He actually just peed himself laughing so hard when Duck went trick or treating. Thank you so much for bringing such joy and love of reading and writing to all the kids here and supporting the OK libraries!

  3. The event in Norman was outstanding. All four speakers did a great job. Thanks for taking the time to support school libraries in Moore.

  4. Is being case that fellow named Stephan Patsis is making insensitive jokes about polar bears. This of course is outrageous behaviors. Why is such case? Polar bears are gentle creatures that bring us good Canadian beer – Labbat Blue. Maybe fellow named Stephan Patsis has childhood memory that is suppressed – perhaps he was violently maimed by Winnie the Pooh doll. Make fun of US government Stephan Patsis not gentle Polar bears.
    Dos Vidanya.

  5. Stephan
    You totally rock! I have like 5 million copies of your books. You will never be without in this world because you fill a void in humans. That is humor and love, Thanks Hayley

  6. I see fellow named Stephan Patsis removes posts of readers. I have seen such so called activities before. This is sign of deep mental distress. Maybe is cause for hatred of Polar Bears, or Canadians. In Kazakhstan we know that Canadians are easy targets Beer and Poutine slow them down. Dos Vidanya.

  7. Fellow named Stephan Pastis will you in such cases in Oklahoma be redacting comments of such fellows like Zednanreh Yurram Samej? Is bad habit of such type of cartoonist. It degrdes us all. It makes us look like Canadians, OK we are not that bad although our socialized medical system is equally bad.

    Dos Vidanya

  8. Fellow named Stepha Pastis I read most recent comic strip and it enrage Zednanreh Yurram Samej! How is being that you make fun of global warming? Is like making fun of polar bear. This shows deep sign of mental distress on your part. Please in future make fun of people from Uzbekistan or some such place.

    Dos Vidanya

  9. Oooooo..a new blog post!! After what 6 months and even that’s 2 months old??? Sorry, I’ve got a “rat” attitude today….(rattitude?)

    And yes. I have the face that I deserve…..

    PS- does this website deserve the dignity to the right to die?? Either it should move to Oregon or you should post more…..just saying…(oh, wait…I hate that term!!….)

    PPS-With all due respect to Gilda….NEVER MIND!!!!

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