The Fall of the Apple

While Apple’s “Meet the Author” series normally interviews distinguished authors, they somehow made an exception and let this squealy little cartoonist into the room.

Click HERE to see how far Apple has fallen.

And by the way, does this look like an author photo or like I’ve just been arrested?


11 thoughts on “The Fall of the Apple

  1. I don’t think you got arrested, but they had to slap a name on you because no one would recognise you without your cap.

  2. Apple has chosen well.
    It looks as if you didn’t comb you hair in the pic, though.

  3. I got a copy of Pearls Blows Up for my birthday. I preface this with I’m a huge fan, but I also read on page 95 that you prefer I not read your book in the bathroom. Since that’s the only place I get to read, I can’t finish the book. Sorry…

  4. It’s a nice photo, but you seem to have gained some weight since your Sacramento appearance; or maybe this photo was taken before your Sac Bee presentation (which occurred after shedding some pounds).
    Here’s a word play line. I told my wife “I did not say you are a monkey, it’s just that you are my Prime Mate.”

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