23 thoughts on “In Case You Haven’t Heard

  1. This isn’t related to your post, but I really enjoy your comic strips in general. I LOVE the pun ones… you certainly don’t run my Sunday. I know it’s tough to make it in the field of comics, but I commend you for it!

  2. Hey! If we couldn’t get Pope Pastis, at least we’ve got one from Arch & Tina’s Diner. Wonder if he dunks rye?

  3. Dang, I thought I was going to get to be pope! Well, if a panda could be pope, I guess a cartoonist could too. Maybe there should be a new TV show: “Pope for a Day.” I think it has potential.

  4. Is being case that fellow named Stephen Patsis becomes next pope will cause great controversy. He will have to choose name between TinyPenis1 and NoBrain1. Women have been telling Zednanreh that Stehpen Patsis is tiny fellow, I reply he is also short.

  5. What is giving. I leave message and is such deleted. This outrages peoples.

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