17 thoughts on “Perhaps Bordering on the Inappropriate

  1. My wallpaper is pig taking a ball in the oompaloompas so this cover is right up my alley!

  2. Do men’s knees really point inwards when that happens? All the movies and cartoons say ‘yes’. Worth the experiment.

  3. My 8 year old twin grand kids love Pearls Before Swine. I was sharing Only the Pearls with them the other day and their mom poked her head in the living room door and said, “What are you teaching my children?” 😉

  4. It’s being released on the day Charles Schulz died. That’s cool. I’m sure he’s enjoying the strip.

  5. The final page in this collection is the Best. Strip. Ever. I particularly like Rat’s unevenly-sized bug-eyes as he learns what those filthy, perverted readers think “@*#?#*@” means. (Pardon my approximate spelling–my primitive keyboard doesn’t have the letters “star” and “squiggle.”)

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