Freaking Out in New Places

For the first time ever, the current treasury (Pearls Freaks Out) is being offered on iTunes, Kindle, and the Nook. All three contain my usual commentary, but the iTunes version has it in audio. And there’s nothing quite like hearing my sweet, sweet voice.

8 thoughts on “Freaking Out in New Places

  1. The last few days I’ve been rolling around on the floor laughing. All the election stuff is fantastic. You are such a wacko nut case. (Which is a good thing.)

  2. I really enjoy your cartoons. I started reading about the time I had cancer surgery. They have provided something light to dispel some of the darkness. I pass some of your strips to my priest( one of them he forwarded to the rest of the congregation). As much as I admire Rat’s campaign promise to get rid of the splorp, it could only happen in the world of Pearls (ketchup is a thixotropic liquid; it is solid unless a force is applied, then it acts as a liquid). But, hey! How many other campaign promises are kept.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Stephan, I really enjoy your work. But I just bought Pearls Freaks and I was saddened to see it was printed in China. What a shame.

  4. Yeah, Stephan, you’re an American. So you didn’t know you had ANY INPUT WHATSOEVER as to where your publisher sends books to be printed? Can’t you just put your foot down with your outsourcing bosses? You are making your fans sad.
    Furthermore, why don’t you have any characters from Uranus? Don’t you CARE about the rest of the solar system?

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