Signed Books. Because I Care.

For those of you who live in cities I wasn’t able to get to on the tour, I just signed a bunch of books (and drew a character in each) at my local Barnes and Noble in Santa Rosa.

Call (707) 576-7494 to order and they’ll ship them to you.

But call now because they tend to go fast.

4 thoughts on “Signed Books. Because I Care.

  1. Yo, Stephan!

    I already received my copy, so I’ll pass.

    BTW…where the f#@k do you get off having it printed in China? Don’t they have any printing presses in the good old USA?


    P.S. – Hot for the model!

  2. Stephen: I just got the email and called B&N, Santa Rosa and they are all out of signed! Rats. I’ll get it from my local B&N guys. Thanks for the books, they perk me up when all is going to Hell! Jan Cox Gilbert, AZ …..Your most loyal Grumpy Old Woman Fan


  3. Let me know, Stephen, if you receive this message prior to your visit to Alameda tomorrow. I am at I have an idea that would double your sales virtually overnight. I’m not interested in profiting financially from that, and my idea has nothing to do with suggesting any content for your work. Thanks, Oxman
    You can also telephone me at 831-661-0406 at any hour, if you like. That’s in Aptos, California. I am 70 years old, and I will not waste your heartbeats.

  4. I called tonight, they were sold out of The tresury, so I’m getting the newest collection. Sooooooooooooooo excited.

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