I Put the Keno in Kenosha

Hey, for those of you coming to see me on Saturday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the show is now sold out.

But the good news (depending on your perspective) is that they’ve added a SECOND show on Saturday at 10:00 am.

And, well, if that one sells out, I’ll just have to visit your homes individually.

Please vacuum accordingly.


8 thoughts on “I Put the Keno in Kenosha

  1. Love your strip. As a counselor I would love to see more Rat, the life coach or Rat, the Psychiatric Therapist strips. Too funny. Have them up in my office. Not to professional but people laugh at them.

  2. Just got ARC of Timmy Failure and 7th grade library helper has just read first three chapters, mostly aloud. Looking forward to any book that requires polar bears to be herded into living rooms!

  3. Great presentation! I’ve already begun making random edits to Wikipedia pages pertaining to Pearls.

  4. garbonzo bean day is rapidly approaching. Please send your friends and neighbors garbonzo beans.

  5. This is completely unrelated to your event. You are my pun king. Or if you are not particularly feudal, I would also accept pun god. Feel free to shower me in lavish gifts. (these compliments are not cheap!)

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