14 thoughts on “A Sneak Peak at the Freaks

  1. Beautiful? No. But appropriate.

    How come you stopped posting here (other than to try to sell your stuff)? I miss your blog posts.

  2. That must have been an awesome photo shoot to be a part of. I hope you got to keep the outfit (assuming that it wasn’t already from your closet to begin with).

  3. Disregard last statement….I just saw September. You will be in Raleigh October?

  4. Can’t wait… Is this the treasury that includes “Larry in wonderland”? Love the cover and will be buying a copy of the treasury as soon as it comes out…. Can’t wait… BTW: who is the cute chick? Reminds me of a student I taught a few years ago.

  5. Can’t wait till it comes out Stephan! Is that your wife Stacy below you? 🙂

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