Pittsburgh or Bust

Hey, Pittsburghians!….I am coming to your town on Friday, June 22 to tell embarrassing stories about myself and others.

Plus, I’ll be signing books after (preferably my own, though I’ll sign some Get Fuzzy ones if you ask nicely).

For info on attending, just click HERE.

7 thoughts on “Pittsburgh or Bust

  1. Are you to blame for that “Get Fuzzy” thing? If so, Ick! That’s a really icky, nasty strip. Or it was the last time I saw it about five or 10 years ago.

    But I still love Pig, respect Goat, and despise Rat. Thanks!

  2. Holy shit. a german shepard, How do you come up with this stuff.. It’s halarious. This is the funniest comic strip printed today.

  3. i really think it Pittsburghers. that’s my opinion, i could be wrong.

  4. Stephen Patis is so amazing that I cannot believe it. Each day is funnier than the last one. Please don’t ever stop.

  5. Awesome I live in Pittsburgh and never thought Stephan would make it out this way

    @yousunkmybattleship technically it would be yinzers

  6. yinzers, or pittsburghers. Wish I’d checked this blaug sooner! I missed Pig!!! 😦

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