20 thoughts on “And the Winner of the Signed Original Pearls Strip is…

  1. really enjoy the alligators and zebras the only reason i started reading it this other stuff not your best

  2. As one asshole to another- you are very funny. Please visit me when you have the chance- the wife can stay at the Holiday Inn. We’ll go out and get drunk.

    See Ya,


  3. Steph, while we are all, no doubt, very glad that you’ve been so busy due to your immense popularity, we do miss your more frequent blogs. So get off your a** and get a’bloggin’, Bubba.

  4. I think the Pearls strip that appeared in the Sunday Oregonian was disgusting. “so remember kids, it’s not good fences that make good neighbors. It’s deceased neighbors that make good neighbors!” What kind of message is that? The only good kids in school are deceased kids? The only good global neighbors or deceased global neighbors? Good grief!

  5. Where are you? No posts for what seems like a non-perpetuity of foreverness times 2.3 to the tenth power cubed.. We miss your introspectively capricious aphorism. Ow. I just hurt myself with that one. I need to take a nap.

  6. Hi Steve. I’m not sure what is the best little spot on the internet to send this message to you, so your blog comments section will have to do! I am writing to you from Darwin, Australia. I am the mum of two boys, aged 11 and 9, who were introduced to ‘Pearls’ after my brother travelled to the States and came home bearing a copy of ‘Sgt Piggy’s’. Your strip is not widely known over here, but my sons have become fanatics – several anthologies are now falling apart from devoted reading, and checking the new instalment on your desktop calendar provides the start to their day. I have just finished treatment for breast cancer, and was both amused and moved (if that doesn’t sound too odd!) by a Pearls strip (“Dude, I just make the tacos”) during that difficult time. I’ve just mentioned and copied that strip onto my own blog (with credit, naturally!), which I’ve linked here – I hope that is OK. Many thanks for all the enjoyment you have brought my family!

  7. Hey Stephan… is it okay if I call you Phanny?
    I liked today’s comic (Eagerly Awaiting Death). You are an inspiration to us all.
    Oh, and I’d just like to tell you that whenever a website wants to send me junk, I put in your e-mail address.
    It gives me amusement.

  8. Stephan –
    OK, so I’m the stupid 58-year old who can’t find the winning strip. Please send me a URL that takes me directly to the result.
    Thanks – Hornblower

  9. Ummmmmm…..what kind of blog LEAVES FOR TWO AND A HALF MONTHS?!?!?!?!?!?!?


  10. Stephan, you should have disguised today’s (5-27) strip as” Funky Winkerbean.” Rat and Pig could be the gay couple going to Prom. And one of the crocs could be that old hag who protests. Maybe you should out Rat and Pig. That’ll give you some attention!

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