Fan Art

I get a fair amount of Pearls-related art sent to me….Here are some I’ve liked….

First off, a very cool Rat piñata made entirely of Pearls strips….

Then there is this cool drawing — one artist’s interpretation of Rat, the writer:

And finally, in the True Dedication Department, a croc-hungry car:

If you have stuff you’d like me to post, send it along.






21 thoughts on “Fan Art

  1. Well, my Xbox Live name is “Crockydile”. No one gets the reference. Most gamers don’t read the funnies.

  2. Dear Stephan,
    I have not written you in a long time, but your strip today prompted me to tell you that you are SO bad! Alright, I did it!

    It wasn’t as funny as the “anemone” strips, but it did make me laugh, all right!

  3. Stephan,
    The EVITA pun today was great!…..almost as good as “anemone”…….thanks, I really enjoyed it!

    Stephenie Paquette

  4. One thing or another reminded me to search for your site to tell you how I remember when your strip first started appearing in the OC Register, how much I loved hunting Rat and Pig down buried somewhere deep in the comics. I remember when you published a strip taking a dig at how lame the Peanuts were, and how ironic they were still on the first page. Then just a few years later, you’re on the front page under Peanuts! That was a proud moment.

  5. The Pinata Rat reminds me of last Sunday where all the characters were a different color. When are the Reubens and were you nominated? I saw that Rat spoke the other day and you were going to be somewhere (forgot where) and wanted friends to bring beer-your usual self. Hope you were nominated and what I really hope is that you win the award this year and Cathy is the presenter…laugh out loud…I would not dare use the initials for fear of Rat’s fury…just look what he did to Pig in Ping Ping..I mean Ping Pong.

  6. Hell no… Think of the freedom… You can work from practically anywhere. The first step to cartooning is simply reading cartoons a lot, so the kid’s already got a head start! : ) (another big step is analyzing why something is funny) I’ve been cartooning for years, off and on. It’s very rewarding in and of itself coming up with a funny cartoon.. You should get him some professional pens from an art store, and tell him ‘this is what the pros use.”… He’ll love it, and learn to master professional tools. I wish him all the best!

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