And The Soon-To-Be-Immortalized Winner Is…

Thank you to all the people who submitted entries for the “Only the Pearls” iPad app quiz!

And while I would like to declare you all winners, my publisher insists there can only be one…

Thus….(insert sound of drum roll here)…….the winner is:

Melanie Lustig!

Melanie will soon have the pleasure (displeasure?) of seeing her name appear in a Pearls strip.

Will she be a doomed croc?  A strange neighbor?  A set-up to an irritating pun?….

No one knows.  Least of all me.  Because I haven’t written the strip yet.

I have already submitted strips to the syndicate through the end of March, but my best guess is that the strip will appear in the late Spring….

Thank you everyone for playing.  To me, you are all immortal.  (Well, not really.  Just trying to be diplomatic).


14 thoughts on “And The Soon-To-Be-Immortalized Winner Is…


  2. Melanie, I’m insanely jealous of you. Congratulations. I didn’t deserve to win since I don’t have an iPad, and my wife didn’t finish in time. Enjoy your immortality.

  3. Please be aware that “Lustig” means “funny” in German. Maybe you could use that in the story 🙂

  4. What would have been cool is if the winner was named Abigail. Because then even though an app that costs $4 is way too much money for me to spend, my name is still in a pears strip. 🙂

  5. I could have won, but I choose not to embarrass all of you including Steve with an entry. You should all thank me.

  6. Probably the wrong place for this comment but today’s strip (Goat v Rat) is the funniest thing I’ve seen anywhere for a long, long time.

  7. I am a very big fan, I have an iPad, I bought the app( the most I’ve ever paid for an app), but could not find all the answers in time. Can you please post answers to quiz? I am similar to your Mom very attached to my iPad. I loved it when she was too busy playing with hers to bail you out of jail.

  8. I think I accidentally won this contest ages ago. I’ve been calling myself Katie the Drama Cow since I was 3, who appeared as a character long after I became convinced that Pearls is actually about my life.

  9. Only the Pearls Search and Find Game (Answers)
    1. Name the coffee shop where Rat works as a barista and opines about Louisa May Alcott.
    Joe’s Roastery
    2. What do I have trouble drawing? I mean, aside from everything. What do I specifically have trouble drawing?
    3. It’s a __________ move to surround yourself with your own memorabilia.
    4. How many rules does each strip need to pass in order for me to consider it funny?
    3 or 4
    5. Who in the Writing Room might need a trip to the optometrist and why?
    The Croc, a door stopper thingy hit his eye
    6. One word: _____________
    7. What does Pig whisper and how do you know he’s whispering?
    Monkeys plagiarize, A dashed line around pigs speech balloon
    8. Pig and I own the same piece of clothing. What is it?
    Monkey Underwear
    9. What are the answers to the Jumble I created?
    Rough, Mogul, Treaty, Taints, No “Laughing” Matter
    10. What magical creature does Zebra not believe in?
    The Tooth Fairy
    11. Where did my bulletin board come from?
    The law office Pastis used to work at
    12. What seems to be the beverage of choice in the Writing Room?

  10. I just stumbled on the app when I was browsing a list of app/game price drops.

    I don’t know what enticed me to look further, as the only thing I saw was the name of the app and its icon, but my sweet Jesus am I glad I did. Funny as hell. I can’t believe I’ve wasted 11 years not enjoying this strip.

    I do find the extra negative humor a little awkward, but it’s very well done and I think Pastis is a really smart (yet just a smidge arrogant) writer.

    And I’m so damn happy that I have an answer to that freaking jumble. Ugh. That was driving me mad.

    I want to throw out a few suggestions for the app, though.

    Main thing is that freaking share button. It’s useless. I thought I’d be able to share strips to entice people to look at the app/Stephan. Nope. It shares a stupid link to the publishers. Don’t get me wrong, they did a great job, but I want to share the strips. Fix that, please? I don’t want to have to turn around and find the strips on your site in order to share them. That’s dumb.

    The other is not replaying the opening videos again. Every time the app restarts. Have it remember where you left off please, and skip the intro vid. Please.

    I’ve put over an hour into this and I can’t wait to delve in for more. I hope this encourages some of the other strip creators to do the same. I’d kill for a Far Side, Bloom County and Calvin app… So bad would I kill for the,

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