Fan Art

I get a fair amount of Pearls-related art sent to me….Here are some I’ve liked….

First off, a very cool Rat piñata made entirely of Pearls strips….

Then there is this cool drawing — one artist’s interpretation of Rat, the writer:

And finally, in the True Dedication Department, a croc-hungry car:

If you have stuff you’d like me to post, send it along.






And The Soon-To-Be-Immortalized Winner Is…

Thank you to all the people who submitted entries for the “Only the Pearls” iPad app quiz!

And while I would like to declare you all winners, my publisher insists there can only be one…

Thus….(insert sound of drum roll here)…….the winner is:

Melanie Lustig!

Melanie will soon have the pleasure (displeasure?) of seeing her name appear in a Pearls strip.

Will she be a doomed croc?  A strange neighbor?  A set-up to an irritating pun?….

No one knows.  Least of all me.  Because I haven’t written the strip yet.

I have already submitted strips to the syndicate through the end of March, but my best guess is that the strip will appear in the late Spring….

Thank you everyone for playing.  To me, you are all immortal.  (Well, not really.  Just trying to be diplomatic).