I’ll Be Wearing Flowers In My Hair

This Thursday, Jan. 12, I’ll be appearing in San Francisco at the Cartoon Art Museum.  I’ll be speaking with Keith Knight, creator of the syndicated comic, The Knight Life.

For info on attending, click HERE or on the beautiful image of me below.

6 thoughts on “I’ll Be Wearing Flowers In My Hair

  1. I had a chance to go to the Cartoon Art Museum the last time I was in San Francisco. I highly recommend it, to anyone who has the chance to go. When I was there, they had a lot of the original strips by Berkeley Breathed from his Bloom Country Stip and Opus. I thought it was awesome.

    Wish I could go.

  2. I was disappointed. There were no flowers in your hair tonight. I don’t even recall you wearing a hat!

    Great convo with Keef tonight, though. I have to be honest, I was there for Keef but you were pretty funny and insightful. I’ll have to check your business out!

  3. Love the strip, Will you ever come to Chicago? I would enjoy hearing you talk about the strip.

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