Ten Years Ago Today

It was December 30, 2001 that Pearls Before Swine first debuted in newspapers.

Well, newspaper.

This strip ran in the Orlando Sentinel, which for some reason needed to start the strip a week before all the other newspapers kicked in. I would later re-run the strip so it could run in all the other newspapers as well.

And in honor of my tenth anniversary, I’ve signed a few more books at my local Copperfield’s Bookstore in Santa Rosa, California.  I also drew a character in each.  So if you want one, just call 707 578-8938 and they will ship it to you.

Now go out and celebrate.


30 thoughts on “Ten Years Ago Today

  1. I thought it was the Washington Post. At least, that’s what you said in your introduction to “Sgt. Piggy’s Lonely Hearts Club Comic” (I was just rereading that the other day).

    Hoping for another 10+ great years!

  2. Amazing how well your drawing skills have improved over time…

    LOL, here’s to another ten great years! Thanks for all the smiles and actual laughs out loud.

  3. This is why I love Pearls….that first comic made me laugh till I cried. Please never stop writing!! :-))

  4. Congratulations, Stephen!
    It’s nice to see someone succeed spectacularly when they actually deserve to, and your success couldn’t have happened for a nicer guy.
    When it comes to genuine appreciation for their fan base, you set the standard.
    Thank you for that, for the time you spend signing books, and for all the laughs…you’re the best.

  5. Our whole family loves your comic!! Thank you for making us laugh and something fun to chat about around the breakfast table. We sure hope to have many more years to come. 🙂

  6. Happy anniversary (and New Year!) to Steph, Pig, Rat, Zebra, Goat, Lil Guard Duck, and even the stupid crocs…just don’t pull a Watterston on us, Steph…

  7. How come this isn’t the first strip in the first PBS book? I haven’t read the whole book, but my neighbors have it. Di you include internet-only strips at the beginning of the book? Is it later in the book?

  8. i just want to take a minute thank you for your books, and congrads on your ten yrs, it kinda coinsides with the time my son spent in iraq and has been a blessing to his recovery from the injuries he recieved while he was there. i just got him a couple of your books for christmas and when he saw them he shared with us the joy the books had brought to him and his fellow troops he was deployed with when they were down for any reason . when he was injured in 2008 and sent home he left his books there for his companions to enjoy.he said he knew it lifted their spirits to read them so thank you from him and me for the light moments in dark places

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  10. Congratulations! I love Pearls.

    But I have a request, if you see this comment all the way down here, . . . please make fun of lawyers. Your strip really needs a lawyer.

    I am a lawyer, so it is okay.

  11. Mazel tov!

    I first read Pearls on a 2002 trip to Orlando. Three years later, I rediscovered it and have been reading daily! Great stuff.

  12. Rat actually seems nice in that strip. Think the Rat of today would go back in time and kill that guy thus creating a paradox in which the Rat of today could never exist to go back in time and kill himself which then results in his past self never being killed by his present self and thus allows him to become the Rat of today who goes back in time to kill himself. Weird.

    Anyway it’s strange looking at how things have changed in terms of the characters physical apperances. And thank god that initial strip didn’t fall flat otherwise there would have been no guard duck. And without Guard Duck I would never have become a Pearls fan. I’ve gotta say that it was the seires that introduced Guard Duck to the strip that got me hooked.

  13. In the past three years, my husband and I haven’t had a lot of reasons to smile or laugh, and your zany strip has given me one good reason for daily chuckles! Thank you, Stephan!!!

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