Portland and Seattle, Prepare Thy-Beer-and-Coffee-Swilling-Selves

Yes, indeed.

The Larry in Wonderland Tour will be stopping in Portland on Thursday and Seattle on Friday.

Come by and see for yourself whether I look like the degenerate I portray myself to be.

Heck, I’ll even draw in your book (depending on the beer you bring me).

For more info, click HERE.

And now enjoy this grunge version of me, twenty years too late.

20 thoughts on “Portland and Seattle, Prepare Thy-Beer-and-Coffee-Swilling-Selves

  1. I’ll be bringing my friend Sarah, who is a big fan of Pearls Before Swine and an artist herself. She paints and has illustrated several children’s books. But I don’t think she can draw crocodiles. She might ask you how it’s done. Just a heads-up.

  2. I wish I had been able to make the Denver appearance! I am a huge fan. Would have brought beer to the tattered cover… Sadly I found out too late you were coming and couldn’t get out of my other commitment. Go Pearls! Best comic since Watterson decided to hole himself up…

  3. I sent my boyfriend to the signing in Seattle (I’m 1500 miles away, or else I totally would be there to touch you) and he said that he was there for 3 hours! I guess this shows that my boyfriend really loves me. I never imagined you’d be so popular! The only other cartoonist signing I’ve been to was Jim Davis (Garfield), and I was in and out of there in an hour.

  4. Bummer! I couldn’t make the Portland event because I had to do something important. Just kidding!

    Truly, I am bummed ’cause I love your absurdist bent!

    BTW: Quite the black you got from Lio today.

  5. When we saw you in Denver, my girlfriend informed me she thought you were quite funny and handsome – not at all a degenerate. So…I hit her a few times. Then she agreed you looked like a drunk, mentally ill hobo.

  6. Dude, you’re seriously slacking on the blog posts lately. Heavy workload? (I’m guessing you’re just lazy.)

  7. I heard that the creator of Family Circus passed away today. Any plans for a tribute in PBS?

  8. Mr. Pastis,

    My son Andrew and I waited for 3.5 hours in line at Powell’s bookstore in Portland last month. THANK YOU for staying up so late and signing his book! He hasn’t put it down since.

    Bit of a tragedy tonight … his 3 year old sister got ahold of the book and permanent marker. You can imagine the rest — the worst, is “the destruction” was on the page you signed, right on top of the beloved Rat. Would there be anyway I could send you another copy of the book for you to sign? I’m trying to lessen the possibility of sibling homicide in the Fronza household.

    Thanks for your consideration,
    Sarah Fronza

  9. It was great having you at Powell’s. We’ve been reading your collection at night. Savannah & Austin giggle themselves to sleep.They’ve turned me into a fan. I can’t help but invoke the voice of JarJar Biggs for the crocs. It makes them laugh, so I’m staying with it.

  10. A-hole cyclist funny. Drivers hitting people (on bikes, whatever) not funny. Like lynching is not funny.

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