26 thoughts on “Ready or Not, Readers, Here I Come

  1. I do my best to spread the word of your appearances, but not so sure I can get those performers either….was about to put laugh out loud, but changed my mind, do not want to be hit by Rat with baseball bat…

  2. Man, and my daughter just asked today when you’ll be doing a book signing in the Santa Rosa area–she has been wanting to see now that she is in to Pearls Before Swine. Please post when you’ll be back in the area!

  3. Several of my seedy friends and I are planning to come see you in Lake Forest Park, WA. (What, Seattle wasn’t good enough for you?)

    We don’t want to touch you, though.

  4. Okay, so all of me can’t touch you, but can I touch all of you? (see what I did there…)

  5. Good for 3rd place books in Lake Forest Park, WA whom were clever enough to get you! Besides that there is no place in Seattle to park after past Mayor Nickels eliminated 14,000+ parking spaces. Any one know where Nickelsville went with the pink girl scout tents?

  6. Tell Rat that the bookstore in Mpls ran out of your books within 10 minutes of the event starting. I think he will have some choice words for you about that! What smart author goes around without a crate of his books with him?

    Also, did you know that Half Price Books carries your work under “mysteries”? (kid you not, tried to find one when Wild Rumpus ran out and that’s what they told me). I think it oddly fitting….

  7. Got to see him in Tempe last night – and got to touch him, too! Gotta say, worth the wait!

  8. Well, Cartoon Critic, I love Pearls and you shouldn’t go on a blog that you hate just to rip on it.

  9. @Mr. Weapons You have been reading the latest week of strips, right?

    Also, Denver totally rocked. My life is complete. Oh yeah, and thanks for the hippo drawing.

  10. cartooncritic2544 is Patis – this is a set up for a set of strips he made

    Or she is an 11 year old girl if you believe the strips.

    As for books at the Minneapolis stop – the book store was not prepared for the onslaught – we go there about 30 minutes ahead & they had about 100 books left but people were buying multiples. An employee told me they had no idea it would be announced in the paper & were expecting only us PBS geeks.

    Patis is still the only person to ever make Family Circus funny!

  11. Please come to El Paso, TX. I know we are remote, but my son loves your work, and it would be a kick for him to meet you. I’d like to meet you, too. Of course, if one more of your books (which he saves up to buy) falls apart, you best bring a glue gun with you! Seriously, we’d love to have you out here in West Texas.

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