13 thoughts on “Scandanavian Skies

  1. pastis, pastis pastis….one of the few cartoonists that didn’t have a tribute to 9/11 in my newspaper today. true, your strip was hilarious(as always), but i was disappointed :/ smh…

  2. What is this “9/11” thing she speaks of? I don’t have a yellow magnet on my car, so I have completely forgotten whatever it is supposed to refer to.

    On the other hand, I’m deeply offended that you seem to think Finland is in Scandanavia. Deeply. Offended.

  3. Well, coming to Finland probably requires crossing Scandinavian airspace, so technically it’s correct…

    Great speech today!

  4. The bit about Pig hiding for a week in the park? Did you know that psychologists can tell losers in life early by whether or not they play “Hide and Seek..” It’s a game that you only get an emotional charge out of IF YOU LOSE…ie, get found.

    Some people also think that’s why so many GIs used to get killed…
    they couldn’t resist ‘peeking’ after taking cover…ie, seeking to ‘lose’.

    Pig’s NO loser. If he hides, he’s REAL about it. Me too. Don’t bother coming looking…

  5. I LOVED TODAY’S COMIC (about the macarthur genius award)
    My teacher, Amir Abo-Shaeer, got one last year (and I’m in high school, so that was pretty big), so this strip just made my day.

  6. Hey, you gotta update your blog more often! Otherwise, how do I justify obsessively checking it every day?

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