Not Fit for Fido

I’m currently finishing up an ebook for the iPad that I’m doing with Chronicle Books.  It’s called “Only the Pearls” and is set to come out in early December.  It will have 250 of my favorite Pearls strips, as well as both audio and video commentary.

But in doing the videos, we occasionally used a product for which we needed approval from the company that makes it.

Long story short, the company said no.

They said Pearls Before Swine was not a “good fit” for their product.  i.e.  That the comic strip was not something with which they wanted to be associated.

Was it Mercedes Benz?  Perhaps concerned with tarnishing their pristine image?

The Ritz Carlton?  Maybe worried the strip wasn’t a good fit for their customer?

Cristal champagne?  Not sure I meshed with their upscale reputation?


It was a dog chew toy.

That’s right.

Apparently Fido would take one look at my videos and spit the toy right out.

So now I can officially say…

My work is not fit for a dog.

28 thoughts on “Not Fit for Fido

  1. You tell us who it is, and we’ll stop buying their product. Because if you’re not a fit for them, then they’re not a fit for me.

  2. Bureaucrats are getting dumber and dumber. We need to develop a vaccine to prevent any more of them reproducing. I don’t know how you tolerate this type of “life” form but I hope to see it in a future strip.

  3. A dog won’t be able to fetch this from your driveway either, since it’s on an iPad!

  4. Probably wise choice on their part. But did give you something to chew on. It’s a treat to hear your comments. Obviously barking up the wrong tree.

  5. Just before I read this, I also received an unexpected rejection relating to a writing project. Sorry to hear your bad news, but I take some comfort knowing rejection happens to the well established guys too.

  6. Computer says no. –Little Britain

    Man, what a spectacularly stupid decision. What PHB came up with that one?

    Screw ’em. Blur the toy and run the video.

    And now I’ve got my reason to get an IPad.

  7. Dog chew toy company turned you down?
    Next inquiry should go to Jimmy Choo – many fashionable chew toys, though not sold as such. You can ride in the Mercedes to the Ritz and drink the Cristal while you negotiate a Jimmy Choo Chew Toys deal. Bring Fido.

  8. It’s because you always leave Andy on a chain. Maybe you could give Andy this company’s chew toy and he might choke on it!

  9. Wow, and to think I almost gave up the recipe to Ingram’s Chili for your autograph. Thanks for the info.

  10. If I had a dog I am quite sure it would love PBS! But my hamster sure does…she especially loves Rat…she dreams of driving off in a red SA Aperta Ferrari with him…she can have her dreams, just hope her heart does not break! And once again I see Spaceman is first….Stephan you must be Spaceman!

  11. Maybe they resented that little dog who can’t get off his leash?

    Dunno, I’m not a dog owner, but do people who buy chew toys even look at the brand name? Do these companies even have an image?

  12. Man, I would love to have a Larry chew toy but I would probably find more enjoyment in it than my dogs. Proof, they are not fit for dogs. Humans? Sure.

  13. In a comment video you said that the zebras were a comic strip inside a comic strip, and they were unusually popular on their own. Have you considered spinning them off into Croc-world as their own strip?

  14. How do I vote for which houseMelvin lands on ? “lives hang in the balance” I can’t stay at the friggin library all day.

  15. Whoa, Pastis, you and I have something in common . . . no, not our off the wall sense of humor! I mean we do, but that’s not it. I have a blog on wordpress, ( I know, how crass can I get promoting my blog on yours, but I am a fan of Rat and they don’t come much crasser!) Today I stumbled accross your wikipedia entry and saw the reference to your blog and had to let you know that this past Saturday I posted something you might be interested in. It’s about baseball caps and baggy pants. Check it out and please keep up the great work in Pearls! J.

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