16 thoughts on “Tributes. We Have Tributes.

  1. Always funny! I thought getting Larry on Facebook to share with others made my day (and pissed off my friends when I shared), now another jewel!

  2. There is NO WAY I am pushing that button to listen to “lametoonist” Lynn Johnson, unless pressing that button causes an immediate explosion in whatever chair she is sitting in, promptly placing her in orbit of Uranus.

    Man, listening to her prattle on about anything, anything at all? That’s gotta be just as bad as getting scrambled eggs trick or treating.

  3. I really like the way Stephan maximizes his use of camera angles to make his arms look so massive. In reality, Bill Amend’s arms make Stephan’s look like a couple of spaghetti strands hanging from a T-shirt.

    No wonder Stephan’s characters have stick arms.

    Draw what you know, my friend, draw what you know.

    Tatulli? Now, those are some guns.

  4. You’ll notice that Stephan is far more respectful towards Tatulli than Lynn was to Schulz. The terrifyingly perky Canadian (who I as a countryman apologize for; we’re not all like her) with the irritating habit of mugging for the camera like a child and the off-putting tendency to talk with her hands has been riding Schulz’s corpse’s coattails for most of her career and I’m sick of it. No wonder the man’s son calls her silly and self-serving.

  5. i notice Johnston’s examples are *her* strips; Pastis shows us Tatulli strips. Can a woman be called a putz?

  6. @GumboLimbo Or Johnston may not have wanted to deal with the question of whether she had rights to display Schultz’s work in her video.

    Brilliant “what we really think” video, Stephan.

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