My Marriage Is Headed Down The Gutter

So my wife and I now play “Words with Friends” against each other on our iPhones.

It’s basically Scrabble.  And it’s nice because you can play it whenever you have a few minutes of downtime during the day.

It’s also nice because we interact with each other more than we otherwise would during the day.

So yesterday she made the word, “Love.”  Then she sent me a message along with it.

It said, “A word just for you.”

I thought that was sweet.  So I wrote back, “Awwwww.”

But what I didn’t notice was that my texting spellcheck had kicked in.  The spellcheck automatically corrects words whether you want it to or not.

So the romantic text I sent back?


41 thoughts on “My Marriage Is Headed Down The Gutter

  1. I recently replied “Okkkkay” my reply came out as “Polio” That has become our inside joke term for Okay.

  2. Happens to me too. “xoxoxo-ooooo” becomes “xenophobia”.
    Gotta be real careful about that one.

  3. YES. Happens to me EVERY TIME. The exact same word. I hate it so much. I’d turn it off, but then it turns off spellcheck, too, and I can’t live without that.

  4. oops…..I hate that spell check thing. Just buy her some flowers, and hand write the note this time.

  5. I hope you were not driving while you were texting…that might explain why you did not see the spell check changed awww. I thought you were in jail….Rat post your bail?

  6. You should check out the website It’s got all kinds of autocorrect mistakes like that. Also, I saw your strip today, and I am confused. Is Pearls done? I am kind of worried. And what the heck is a plugger?

  7. For the sake of our marriage, my wife and I no longer play Scrabble. She doesn’t appreciate how I “block off the board” or get 50 points for “SEX” in comparison to her 10 points for “ASCETIC”

  8. I’m sure she’s just grateful you haven’t worked her into the strip like you did with your Mom. 😀

  9. ARGH! I’d be so embarrassed if that was me… I hope she understood it was a mistake…

  10. I tried writing “awww” on my iPad and the spell-check changed it to “asses”.

  11. On my iPhone, my full name auto corrects to ‘Dumb Son’, try explaining that to my Mom.

  12. What’s your username? I’ll try stephanpastis. Mines Kevbot0, so now I can say I play words with friends with a comic strip artist. How many people can say that (besides your wife I guess)?

  13. Man, Stephan, you’ve got a good marriage…….a really good marriage. Reading all your stories on your blog, and then learning she hasn’t divorced you……really….really impressive.

    Do you know I once had a dream that you weren’t real and it was just Bill Amend making up ridiculous stories on a blog to blow off steam? REALLY.

  14. This is why I never use Apple products. I don’t need a babysitter. There is no excuse for a machine too insolently programmed to verify it corrections with its user.

  15. I did the same thing texting with my wife. She sent “I love you!”. I tried to send back “AWWWWWW”, but instead, my phone corrected it to “Assessing”. A very cold response indeed…

  16. Awwww…. (I’m hoping it didn’t auto-correct into Sewer)
    I had that problem too- my iPod kept spelling my friend’s name (Kamila) as Vanilla. How it got that still befuddles me. Try going into “Settings”, then “General” then “Keyboard”. Turn off Auto-Correction. Trust me, it helps. If you’re ever in need of a moral boost, invite me to a Words With Friends Game. You’ll win. Why? I’m 13 and have serious issues with rearranging random letters into words. Keep… cartooning (is that even a word?????) And tell your wife what you really meant to say. Maybe she won’t dump you then…

    -Anna Li

    P.S. Is Rat single? 😉

  17. Another time auto-correct butchered my message was when I wrote to my friend, “Vanilla” that “I can’t wait to see you dude.” It auto-corrected dude to nude. Needless to say, she didn’t talk to me for a week.

  18. a question to pastis…. if Rat or Mr.Snuffles are so bad, why havent they been sent to boot camp yet?

  19. Hi Stephan, I am 12 and absolutely LOVE your comics they ROCK!!! You really shouldn’t be insulting yourself in your treasuries because overall you RULE at drawing cartoons. I was close to starting my own cartoon/comic in the summer, but then school started up and i never got around to it, but if I ever get around to my cartoon and it gets published I would be honored to have one of my cartoons in your comics. YOU ROCK!!!

  20. I think you should make a character that carries a sickness or disease and make the sickness spread to all the other characters, even YOU.

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