I Guess That’s What I Get for Never Attending Sunday School

My nine year-old daughter and I were playing with her Playmobile boat on Sunday.

I put a bunch of Playmobile people on the boat and started dragging it around the carpet.

But the people looked bored.

“This boat needs a bar,” I told my daughter.

“You can’t put a bar on it,” she said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“It’s Noah’s Ark.”

Hey.  It was hard to tell without the animals.

20 thoughts on “I Guess That’s What I Get for Never Attending Sunday School

  1. If I was stuck on a boat with a bunch of animals, I’d sure as hell want a bar.

  2. A bar maybe, but not Cheers! I still do not think your daughter would apprecitate it….

  3. “Given the prominence of alcohol in most religions I’m pretty sure Noah stocked two of every kind of liquor too”

    No way. He didn’t know how long they were gonna be on that ark for. So he had to go with at least 2,000 of every kind. Lot fewer liquors then you know.

  4. My Sunday School taught us that Noah invented wine when the grapes he was carting around on that boat fermented after 40 days and 40 nights.

  5. From the picture, I guess it was indeed hard to tell it was Noah’s ark…I mean, his name’s not on it or anything.

  6. If you read the story of Noah, you’ll find that he wound up getting liquored up and passing out nekkid. There had to be booze on the boat.

  7. @tony: But that was after the ark had already landed. If I remember correctly, he cultivated vineyards and made wine, but he couldn’t have done that on the ark.

  8. I dont’ understand why everyone is dragging noah into this. for pete’s sake! maybe it was the animals who wanted the booze–After all, we all know how antsy the common dog gets when they’re locked inside all day…

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  10. I vaugely remember Sunday school. They kicked me out because I pointed out contradictions in the bible.

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