There Will Be No Cure for Cancer (At Least Not Soon)

Spent the last week in Boston.

Toured everywhere, including the Freedom Trail, the Sam Adams’ Brewery, Fenway Park, Salem, Plymouth, Harvard and…


I hesitate to tell you about MIT because it was there that I might have changed the fate of the world.

You see, the big brains there come up with equations that create powerful weapons and cure cancer and alter the cosmos.

I know this personally, because I walked into one of the buildings and saw a huge complex formula written on a whiteboard.

I’m not sure what it was a formula for, but I know it was important.  Because it looked important.

Until I did this:

That’s right.  I picked up a pen and started drawing right in the middle of this confusing thing.

So if the cure for cancer is delayed a few years, at least know this.

It was a nice doodle.

34 thoughts on “There Will Be No Cure for Cancer (At Least Not Soon)

  1. Thought you were drinking rum and coke, no wait a minute, you were drinking beer somewhere on your trip. Sorry you did not win, you deserved to. Well, at least you got to draw on an important whiteboard! You should have put “Rat was here”….

  2. Or perhaps that was the missing link they’ve been searching for. Good job!

  3. @Dddtman…yes. Yes he did. Why? Because it was the awesome thing to do.

  4. 2 to 1 that the scientist who wrote that formula thinks it’s a caricature of himself.
    Oh and you should have done a character from another comic…rat is too easily identifiable. Try blondie next time.

  5. Rachel, his shirt is short so that he can show off his awesome abs just by lifting his arms a little bit. That way he doesn’t have to do that stupid move that The Situation does all the time by yanking it up to his chin. (You’re welcome, Mr. Pastis)

  6. As someone who just graduated with a computer science degree (sadly not from MIT), I think I can say with confidence that we mostly leave those doodles up on white boards to impress visitors and n00bs.

  7. @trombonegirl…no he didn’t – it was the stupid thing to do. I hope Pastis has a great idea for a cartoon wrecked in the same way. Uncaring dumbass.

  8. What if that equation wasn’t for the cure for cancer…what if it was calculating the date of impact for a giant asteroid hurling towards Earth, and now the date is off? *looking towards the sky, awaiting impending doom*

  9. It was actually a formula for preventing tornadoes in Massachusetts. Thanks.

  10. Ah, don’t worry about the cure for cancer. Doesn’t matter anyway since there are so many carcinogens out there – cellphones, coffee, alcohol, cartoonists, make-up, fabric softener – we’re all bound to die someday.

  11. Meh, that’s just physics, nothing important there. In fact it was so inconsequential that the lazy, probably grad student, couldn’t be bothered to wipe off the white board due to boredom. 😉

  12. What if it was an equation for a diabolical plan to take over the world? Stephan just saved the planet. Good for you.

  13. Oh well. Im fine with your actions. We will survive… or will we?

  14. The funniest part of Stephan’s post is that he’s right about what’s on the board. It’s an exercise to identify the modular structure of enhancers in molecular biology – specifically enhancer-binding transcription factors.

  15. @zeroslash..Definitely yes. I mostly read humour. i like pearls a lot. but that’s where destructive behaviour belongs – in the comics – imaginary worlds. Want to really interact with rat every day? I hate practical jokes because although funny when others get caught out (not you),it can hurt too much in the real world. Context is very important. Put the “b” back in sutle. Cheers.

  16. You, sir, are a hilarious man! Cruel with a touch if brilliant awesomeness!!

  17. @okadave

    You’re talking about a board that contains a bunch of formulas for students, not professional scientists trying to cure cancer. And as far as I’m concerned, he didn’t erase anything. And if he did, it can’t be too valuable. Read what Chris said.

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  19. thanks for correcting Hawkings stupid thought about evolution and Heaven, he’s a jerk off anyway !

  20. How do you walk with those giant cojones? Only whiteboard I doodled on (a big Bru-Hed) was the one in the church before my wedding.

    Would love to see the expression on those that find it.

    From one ‘toonist to another, well done!

  21. Pff, if it was important it wouldn’t have been left there. Shouldn’t have been honestly, leaving crap on whiteboards instead of cleaning up after yourself makes it much harder to erase later.

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