I Guess That’s What I Get for Never Attending Sunday School

My nine year-old daughter and I were playing with her Playmobile boat on Sunday.

I put a bunch of Playmobile people on the boat and started dragging it around the carpet.

But the people looked bored.

“This boat needs a bar,” I told my daughter.

“You can’t put a bar on it,” she said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“It’s Noah’s Ark.”

Hey.  It was hard to tell without the animals.

There Will Be No Cure for Cancer (At Least Not Soon)

Spent the last week in Boston.

Toured everywhere, including the Freedom Trail, the Sam Adams’ Brewery, Fenway Park, Salem, Plymouth, Harvard and…


I hesitate to tell you about MIT because it was there that I might have changed the fate of the world.

You see, the big brains there come up with equations that create powerful weapons and cure cancer and alter the cosmos.

I know this personally, because I walked into one of the buildings and saw a huge complex formula written on a whiteboard.

I’m not sure what it was a formula for, but I know it was important.  Because it looked important.

Until I did this:

That’s right.  I picked up a pen and started drawing right in the middle of this confusing thing.

So if the cure for cancer is delayed a few years, at least know this.

It was a nice doodle.