8 thoughts on “A Brand New Pearls Animation

  1. Ah, yeah…
    Could be funnier if most of the video wasn’t advertising…
    Not that I don’t love advertising. I do. It’s just that it kinda takes away from the short humor bit, if ya know what I mean…

  2. Whether it was by design or it was a deliberate pixie schtick, you were smart to scribble Tinkerbell in a way that no one, especially Disney’s trademark lawyers, would ever recognize the little fairy.

  3. Big fan, but i’m sorry Stephan, the voice acting sucks….they don’t sound like they are supposed to. 😦

  4. maybe I’m STUUPID like crocs, but when I click the link I just get 1:40 of Stephan yabbering about the characters..where is the new animation?

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