60 thoughts on “Just A Quick Question About The Royal Wedding

  1. From the nattering I overheard, I take it her mother was nuts, giving the tabloids something to sink their teeth into for years (her father is part of the royal family somehow).

    I think it’s starting to show.

  2. Personally I like the hat. It is the rest of the outfit that does not work.

  3. They weren’t held often enough by their mothers. Now they seek attention at any cost.

  4. Inbreeding?

    Seriously, though, when folks say we Southerners are inbred, I usually respond, “If it’s good enough for royalty…”

  5. I am guessing most people never realized what merry pranksters the royal family is.

  6. She looks as though she had a head-on collision with Bullwinkle Moose.

  7. It’s like that prank where you rub something black around the eyepieces of a pair of binoculars and let someone else look through them… She thought she just bumped her head into one of the decorations and doesn’t realize there was glue all over it.

  8. She appears to have been attacked by a mad upholsterer who mistook her for a chair.

  9. I love all the past comments so much that I don’t know what to add except that my first response when seeing THE HAT was, “Great Birth Control!”

  10. Just because you’re royal doesn’t mean you have good taste. Fergie’s her mother–nuff said.

  11. Fashion choice aside, I’m wondering exactly how it stays on…. I’m imagining superglue applied directly to the forehead.

  12. It DOES look like the lid of a toilet seat! I think they call them loos there, so may the puns begin…

  13. I was guessing a Georgia O’Keefe-y genitalia chapeau with raccoon eyes thrown in as a bonus!

  14. I wasn’t watching when she, her sister, and Andrew came into the church and I didn’t notice her until the ceremony was going on. But when I finally saw her, she was a blurry image in the background, and I *seriously* was wondering if there was an alien that snuck in there! I mean, she had all the dark eyeliner on, so all I could see was something with big dark eyes and a grayish misshapen head! It was freaky!

  15. The hat and the excessive eye makeup are a clue the royal punch bowl was a big hit before the ceremonies.

  16. I’m sure it was a royal inside joke. All of the 20-30 something royal girls probably got wasted one night and someone came up with “Hey! Lets get an outlandish, hideous hat made that one of us can wear at the wedding in April!” What ensued was likely a came involving ale, gin, and shepherds pie. Since Beatrix blew chunks first, she was condemned to wear the hat.

    It has to be true.

  17. I think the plan was to visit Disneyworld after the wedding with her own design of mouse ears.

  18. This is truly inspired: ridiculously conspicuous hat and hideous suit, rendered in a lovely, inconspicuous flesh tone. She must have a fabulous and quirky sense of humor!

  19. Tell me her and her sister were not Drizella and Anastasia from Cinderella….

  20. The hat makers were making a bet on who could make the upper crust look the stupidest. One finally said, “I can get one of them to wear a rat head silhouette as a hat.” The others were impressed, and took the bet. So the hat maker made the rat head then bordered it with a couple of frilly bits on the sides. You can clearly see the oval with two ears.

  21. Hey, have some respect. This fashionista is HRH Princess Beatrice of York, 5th in line to the throne of Britain and all the Commonwealth realms.

    Now I am not a big fan of the Prince of Wales or anything, but maybe the first 4 should avoid travelling on airplanes together.

  22. They needed a cell phone relay in there, a dirty job but someone had to do it.

  23. Kinda makes me think that thing on Trump’s head isn’t so bad, after all. But she does have a nice smile.

  24. She kinda looks scared…as if the hat has her hostage. It must be from a different realm…SOMEONE CALL DOCTOR WHO!!!!!

  25. Ah. As an Englishman, I can reveal the truth here. It’s one of Prince Philip’s hunting trophies. He shot the stag in question while staying at Balmoral in 1976.

  26. I think she and her sister were having a contest to see who could make the most accurate rendition of the female reproductive organs, out of coat hangers and ribbon, on a hat. I have seen at least one photo comparison that gives the nod to Eugenie… Poor Beatrice…

  27. She must have lost a bet. There’s just no way anyone would go to a HUGE publicized event looking like a sign spinner.

  28. Richard Roeper from the Chicago Sun Times probably said it best…

    (from his 5/2 column)
    Hats off, ladies

    True to my word, I stayed up late Thursday night and then went to bed at 3 a.m. so I would sleep through the entire Royal Wedding.

    But I did see the pictures. You couldn’t avoid the pictures.

    My favorite photo is this shot of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

    Somewhere there’s a hat-maker collecting money from his colleagues while crowing, “I TOLD you they’d wear ‘em!”

  29. The Mad Hatter lives! And he’s hard at work in the Royal Palace!

    He is mad making such a hat, and she must be mad for wearing it. And we are all mad for being here reading the ramblings of a man who draws rats and pigs for a living

  30. Just a quick question regarding the British Monarchs Family Tree diagram posted by Matt (May 4, 2011 at 6:34 PM): was Ernest I Wettin really the Puke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld?

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