11 thoughts on “Bedtime for Bonzo

  1. Frick – don’t announce you were in my town unless you can also honestly announce you stopped by the local bookstore to doodle in some Pearls collections!

  2. @ Isidor no more ironic than the illiterate moron making fun of someone else’s intelligence with a sentence that has at least 5, easy-to-spot grammatical errors….

  3. I’m guessing Isidor is confusing his presidents. That sounds like a knee-jerk reaction to G. W. Bush, not Reagan. Settle down, buddy. Do you know that every president gets their own library? I’m guessing you don’t know a lot about most things.

  4. TO THIS DAY my father still tells me “Bedtime for Bonzo” when he feels as though it’s getting late and I should be in bed instead of working on my thesis. He has been doing this since I Was a tiny thing. I am glad someone else says it too!

  5. Stephan, you mean you came to DC and we didn’t know about it??? What the –

    @Isidor – it’s unfortunate that you cannot heed the call of your savior (Obama, hallowed be his name) to civility. Stick to breathing; multi-tasking isn’t good for you.

  6. Steph definitely has a lot more in common with Ron Reagan than Ron’s dad.

  7. I thought this was about the death of john bonham the greatest drummer to ever live

  8. For many years, Dilbert has been, by far, my favorite comic strip. PBS is now a very close 2nd. Mr. P., your wit & sense of humor are amazing!

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