Be Special.

I haven’t been able to blog as much lately, because I’m shooting the video portion of a new book I’m doing for the iPad (it’s yet to be decided whether it will be on the iPhone also).  The book will be called “Only the Pearls,” and it will contain my 250 favorite Pearls strips, along with both audio and video commentary.  It’s being produced by Chronicle Books.

To get updates on this, as well as info on how to get signed books and where I’ll be appearing next, please join the fan page I set up on Facebook HERE.  It will make you special.

And please stay tuned for my next blog, in which I reveal definitive proof that I’m insane.

21 thoughts on “Be Special.

  1. Did not know you had another facebook page! Cannot wait for book. I usually just look at PBS on FB. And of course your blog on WordPress. WAIT..I missed the most important thing, I read Pearls Before Swine every morning, that is how I start the day! My husband and I read it together, then my hamster wants to look at it if Rat is in it! As far as the blog with proof you are insane, I think those who follow you already know that.

  2. IPod too? Please? And we already knew you were insane as proved by the butterduck incident

  3. If you were cool you’d be developing this for the Android. But you’re not. What’s this? Bil Keane is on the phone. Sorry, gotta run.

  4. At some point you’ll need to do a collection of the 250 strips you’re most ashamed of.

  5. Proving you’re insane should be as easy as throwing pepper on a butterduck.

  6. What about us BlackBerry Playbook users? Maybe a web flash version – we can after all watch flash in our native browser 🙂

  7. Oh man, please put it out for the iPhone! I can’t afford an iPad, but I’d happily pay for book after book of Pearls!

  8. Vinyl is the obvious format for this project. You could charge pretty much anything you wanted, they would sell out instantly.

  9. Is this in the iBooks store or in the App store? And please make it free for crying out loud!

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