My Son, My Pride and the Immortal Butterduck

I was playing NBA Jam on the Wii with my son, Tom.  We were set to play against an easy team.

Rather than saying something hackneyed like, “This will be like stealing candy from a baby,” I thought I’d come up with something original.

So I said this:

“It will be like throwing pepper on a butterduck.”

Never heard of a butterduck?

Neither had we.

In fact, it was so stupid that it caused Tom to say, “Don’t quit your day job.”

And that’s when it hit me.

That is my day job.

So now when I try to be funny and fail, Tom has a new saying:

“Don’t keep your day job.”

But I’m not offended.

Because I know humor comes easy to me.

Just like throwing pepper on a butterduck.

32 thoughts on “My Son, My Pride and the Immortal Butterduck

  1. I think that will be my new favorite saying – if you don’t mind me using it. Will confuse the heck out of my family – which is what I live for anyway.

  2. That is awesome. I will make this part of my vernacular and help the phrase spread. It’ll be as easy as throwing pepper on a butterduck.

  3. I’m waiting to see someone make an acutal butterduck and send it to you. If they make butter lambs, why not duck?

  4. wow…I found leaving a comment here was as easy as throwing pepper on a butterduck!

    Oh yeah…I am definitely keeping this one!!

  5. Now what about hard stuff? As hard as throwing salt on a margarinegoose? Not as catchy I guess. I’ll stick with easy things.

  6. Butterduck?…..I think I go with Tom on this. If by some slight chance your able…maybe you should contact Bill Watterson for advice on an exit plan here.
    And, what a bunch of suck-ups in here, kind of embarassing.

  7. The same thought is expressed in the phrase “like butter on a bald monkey” from Veggie Tales. It says it all.

    For some reason, butter is funny?

  8. So I googled “butterduck”, and there is a Butterduck Farms in Georgia, a man with the last name of Butterduck, and a man in England who had a squash grow like a duck, calling it a Butterduck squash
    I would imagine throwing pepper on the squash would make it tasty, and throwing it on the man would make him sneeze. But the saying made me laugh, and that is all that matters. Please, KEEP your day job.

  9. I had a similar experience with an acquaintance of mine in a hospital ER. We were drunk (it was college) and we were there for another of our friends who fell and broke something (I cannot recall what). So friend was sitting in the waiting chair mumbling incoherently to himself. Those of us still awake were just in the process exchanging knowing glances when something intelligible came out: “I am loopy on ski wax fruitcake.”

    I still use it fifteen years later.

  10. Thanks for the links sue.

    Tonight I will wash my hair with butter duck shampoo, eat some butter duck squash, and wash it down with a glass of butter duck wine — served with a dash of pepper (the squash; not the wine or shampoo)

  11. BTW…


    Definition of BUTTER DUCK

    Any of several American ducks:

    a : ruddy duck
    b : bufflehead
    c : shoveler

    Cook one up tonight and put some pepper on it. It’s easy!

    The expression “Just like throwing pepper on a butterduck.” could very easily catch on. Im so proud of Stephan! …and I’m sure rat, pig, goat, and everyone else is too. Well, maybe not rat.

  12. yeah, I’m with your son on this one, keep your day job…as a lawyer. Pastis, that was awful. Butter duck really?! what the hell, you’re great anyway!!!

  13. I’ve heard of a butterface, but never a butterduck. It doesn’t quite work. “I like everything about her butterface.” Or ” I like everything about her butterduck.”

    Hmmmm. Not quite right.

  14. Just a prediction, but I don’t think this saying will catch on as a way to describe “easy” — it might as a way to describe something lame, though, as in…

    Man, this blog post was as pointless as saying pepper on a butterduck.

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  16. Hey Stephan, I love your comics. Do you recommend NBA Jam? I’m looking into a new Wii game. Choosing a game is harder than throwing pepper at a butterduck.

  17. Just so you know, I had to add “butterduck” to my spell check. It didn’t even have a recommended replacement word.

  18. I beg you to listen to your son and get out of a business you have no business being in. six two and even, over and out.

  19. My younger brother actually uses the phrase all the time. He was wearing a duck bill and butterfly wings and running around the house “IM THE MIGHTY BUTTERDUCK” So sorry but I would like to own a small portion of your phrase if it ever happens to be copyrighted.

  20. My mind is constantly boggled with the strangest notions every time I think of Stephan Pastis having a son. God bless America if he’s anything like his father…

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