16 thoughts on “New Animations AT LAST!

  1. makes more sense to release one a week, rather than a bunch of episodes at once.

    Mondo Media’s youtube channel posted a few Pearls animations and they are doing quite well.

  2. Kind of weird timing for this particular strip since it is the anniversary of Dr. Kings assassination today. (I don’t have a problem with it.)

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  4. You’re killing me… I’ve been resisting watching any of these for fear of forever ruining the voices in my head. But Free Atlas is one of my all-time favorites… making it both that much more tempting to watch and yet that much more important not to ruin it.

  5. Okay, I stopped watching them because of the voices, but since you say they sound as you hear them in your head, can’t argue with that. But kinda weird to have it post on April 4…you know, the actual day MLK was shot and all.

  6. This works so much better as an animation. Most are much better as strips, but this one, the “Saying pearls before swine” one, and a couple others, do to voicing (you can tell the atLASS more in this) or animation makes it much better.

  7. I will not critique the voices of either Pig or Rat because other people seem to be doing that and I am no follower. Also, because I’m not whiny.

  8. I resisted at first, liking the pure comics form, but these are really good. It’s the writing of course – it’s still Pearls at the core.

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