30 thoughts on “Sure, You See Them At College Basketball Games, But…

  1. I may be wrong, but I think I have seen Duke Blue Devil Mascot at all those places…..no that must have been in a dream or in one of your strips!

  2. Thanks! I’ve requested one for my “memorial.” No way am I having a funeral–too depressing.

  3. I think you might be mistaken on one. I’m pretty sure I spotted a mascot being trounced by a cuckolded husband on an episode of cheaters while I was fighting my insomnia with bad TV. I’m pretty sure.

  4. Wow, Steph — are you actually showing us your serious side? Or is it just me? Point taken, in any case. Good job, as usual.

  5. Calm all those non-Ohio State fans and tell the truth: the only reason you chose Brutus was that he is easy to draw.

  6. Obviously you’ve never been to Texas or you would know that 5 is wrong.
    Bevo the long horn is at all of the state executions.
    Nothing says party in Texas like frying a criminal.

  7. I’ll probably be executed someday. Maybe my last wish can be for a college mascot to attend? If I’m not executed, I’ll have one at my funeral… or the surgery that leads to my funeral, or my fight in Bahrain that leads to my surgery, or… no. I’d have to have a spouse to end up on cheaters… but if I did end up on cheaters, it’d probably drive me to attempt overthrowing the government in Bahrain. :\

  8. My mom’s side of the family lives, eats, breathes, bleeds and dies Ohio State Buckeyes. My dad and I are fight-to-the-death Michigan fans.

    Please, please, please balance out the equasion in your next blog post so there is peace in my parents’ home (even having the Wolverines portrayed in a positive light be be most appreciated.)

  9. Glad to know you can’t help but watch Cheaters, too, Stephan. The smarmy host pretending he’s sympathetic when the cameras capture the cheating, the bleeped out dialogue and the lowlife scumbags cheating on each other…TV just doesn’t get any better than that.

  10. Here are 5 other places you would not see a college mascot:
    -Leading services at your local house of worship.
    -At a Bris (ritual circumcision).
    -Assisting in a root canal.
    -Giving last rights.
    -In your psychoanalysis session.

  11. I disagree with number 2. If a mascot got beat up, why wouldn’t he go to the emergency room?

  12. lol love the strip . espilly how the mascot keeps that smiling on which would be creepy to find at any of those places espically on an episode of cheaters.

  13. I find this comic to be highly inaccurate, if that is the mascot from that school in Ohio, how does it know where Bahrain is?

    Now you’ll have to excuse me, an OSU alum is at my door and I have to go pay him for the pizza.

    Your fan from Ann Arbor,

    The Wolverines

  14. In Nebraska, having L’il Red or Herbie Husker at a funeral might actually be some guy’s dying wish.

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